6th Gen Bronco Mods – What Should you Mod First?

What should your first couple of mods for the Bronco be?

With the new Bronco arriving in 2021, gear heads all over are already putting a mod list together. With that being said, building your new Bronco can be a little overwhelming. Like many builds, the hardest part is deciding where to start.

Wheels and tires

A universal place to start with any build is the wheels and tires. Not only will they approve the functionality of the vehicle off-road, but it changes the look drastically. However, Ford has you covered in the tire and wheel department if you bought the Sasquatch package. The Sasquatch package comes standard with 35-inch mud terrains as well as beadlock wheels. 35-inch mud terrains and beadlocks will definitely be more than enough to get you off the pavement.


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