21Offroad Hood Struts For The 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

21Offroad Hydraulic Hood Struts For 6th Generation Ford Bronco

21Offroad Hydraulic Hood Struts For 6th Generation Ford Bronco – Installation Guide & Review

One of the several pain points shared by many 6th Gen Bronco owners is the lack of hydraulic hood struts. If you’ve spent some time working in your vehicle’s engine bay, chances are, you’ve experienced the inconvenience of dealing with a factory hood prop. This accessory is a must for all Bronco owners.

There are several benefits to installing hood struts. Aside from making it easier to raise the hood (even with one hand), it takes away the nuisance of having a single bar in the middle of your working space.

Luckily, there are many options to choose from, ranging in various price points. We’ve chosen the struts from 21 Offroad and would highly recommend them for their affordable price and ease of installation.

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    Hydraulic Hood Struts For 6th Generation Ford Bronco

    Included with the kit is all of the hardware that you’ll need to install the 21Offroad hydraulic hood struts. Only a few simple tools are needed for installation and the entire process should take less than 30 minutes.

    • (2) Hydraulic Hood Struts
    • (2) Brackets
    • (2) Nipple Bolt w/washers
    • (2) Flat Nut

    Tools and Materials:

    • 12mm Socket
    • 13mm Socket
    • Rag (optional)
    • Gloves (optional)

    Step 1: Remove Engine Screw

    6th Gen Bronco Hood Screw

    Using a 13mm socket, loosen and remove the screw located near the engine hood’s hinge.

    Optional: Use a rag (or paper towels) to fill any gaps between the side panel and the engine, preventing any screw or bolt from dropping.

    Step 2: Attach Bracket

    6th Gen Bronco Hood Strut Bracket

    Use the same screw to attach the bracket to the same hole. Make sure the nipple of the bracket is facing the engine bay.

    Step 3: Install Flat Screw

    Installing Hydraulic Hood Struts For 6th Generation Ford Bronco

    Install the flat nut onto the nipple bolt. Make sure to place a washer between the bolt and the nut if one isn’t already inserted. You can install a larger-sized washer if preferred, but the included washer works just fine.

    Step 4: Attach Nipple Bolt

    21Offroad Hydraulic Hood Struts For Ford Bronco

    Insert the flat nut into the SECOND hole from the back of the hood. Hand-tighten the bolt by slightly pulling on it to ensure the flat nut has enough tension against the hood to prevent it from moving when tightening.

    Use a 12mm socket to tighten everything. Be careful with over-tightening as the hood is aluminum.

    Step 5: Attach Hydraulic Strut

    Hydraulic Hood Struts For Ford Bronco

    Attach the hydraulic strut to the nipple of the bracket and the nipple bolt on the hood. For ease of installation, attach the bottom (thinner side) of the strut first. When attaching the top portion (thicker side), slightly lift the hood to ensure it attaches. Both ends should snap into place.

    Repeat On The Other Side.

    Final Thoughts

    6th Generation Ford Bronco Hydraulic Hood Struts

    Overall, the 21Offroad Hood Struts are a great solution that Ford should have provided from the factory. As mentioned previously, not only do they make it easy to raise the hood, but having two struts to hold up the hood provides additional stability while Bronco owners work in the engine bay.

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