6th Gen Bronco Color Options – Full List of All Bronco Colors for 2021

6th Gen Bronco Color Options

What kind of color scheme can we expect to see on Fords new Bronco?

With the new 6th generation Bronco, they introduced a wide variety of really cool colors. You can choose between a very wide spectrum of Dark Shades, red shades, white and Poppy colorful shades, and some more interesting color concepts that we have never seen before. Having the ability to choose between a wide variety of color options is really important when buying a brand new vehicle. The Ford Bronco didn’t shy away from giving us a ton of really cool options. Below you will find the top color options for the 6th generation Bronco. Not all of these colors are offered in all different models, and some of these options are going to be more common on some options than others. 

Shadow Black

6th Gen Bronco Shadow Black

Let’s start it off with the Classic Shadow black. This is reminiscent of some of the old school Bronco colors and will always be a classic color in the Ford lineup. 

Rapid Red

Rapid Red Bronco 6th Gen

Rapid bread is a seriously aggressive dark red color that is sure to make any modifications on your 6th gen Bronco pop. This is a really eye-catching color option on the 6th gen Bronco. 

Race Red

Race Red 6th Gen Bronco

Race red should is more or less one of the most vibrant colors in the Bronco lineup. It’s very bright, very pretty, and is definitely going to show off the shadows and highlights very well. 

Cyber Orange

Cyber Orange 6th Gen Bronco

Cyber orange is what the Ford Bronco was debuted in. This is going to be a very popular option among all model lines offered by Ford. The Cyber orange color is vibrant yet has a matte feel when seen in different lights. 

Cactus Gray

Cactus Gray 6th Gen Bronco

Cactus grey is probably one of my favorite colors as it is more or less similar to a cement gray that you would find on the Toyota TRD Pro lineup. This color is a very clean, timeless look and I feel like is going to be a very popular option on many of the Ford Bronco lineups.


Area51 Grey Blue 6th Gen Bronco

The Area51 color offered from Ford is very similar to their Cactus gray color however has more blue hues.


Animatter Blue 6th Gen Bronco

If you are looking for a very dark blue almost black color option for your Ford Bronco, you’re going to want to look at the Animatter. This is going to give your Bronco a very elegant, very refined look. 

Carbonized Gray

Carbonized Gray 6th Gen Bronco

Carbonized gray has to be one of the coolest color options we have seen on an off-road vehicle yet. It looks like a custom color that you would find on a cool off-road build that just got rapped. It really doesn’t scream in “off the lot” color; however, we think this one is going to do quite well in the Ford Bronco lineup. 

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver 6th Gen Bronco

How can you go wrong with iconic silver? Silver has been a time-tested and proven color option on many makes and models throughout the years and it will do quite well within the Ford Bronco lineup. 

Summit White

Summit White 6th Gen Bronco

Last but not least white. Probably the most basic color option out there however it looks good on almost anything modded. When you start to add a bunch of aftermarket parts to your Ford Bronco, white will always look good. White off-road builds sometimes remind me of overland memes on Instagram with 5 shovels, eight rotopax, and everything else. With that said, white is still a pretty cool color it just gets a lot of heat for being really basic.

Without a doubt, the new Bronco has one of the more unique color schemes out there. Not to mention these are some of the coolest paint names we’ve ever seen!

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3 years ago

Yo Brennan, what year is that Area 51 bronco? That is a rad SUV. What year are these actually going to be available for purchase? So stoked for these to drop.