6th Gen Bronco Front Seat Ride Height Adjustment Spacer – DDI Seat Jackers

Seat Height Adjustment Spacer for 6th Gen Bronco

Introducing the Desert Does it Seat Jackers for the 6th Gen Bronco – A Seat Ride Height Adjustment Spacer That Will Increase Your Ride Comfort

One of the first things that I noticed upon picking up my new 6th Gen Bronco was the fact that the front seats sat so low. The first company that came to mind was Desert Does It, or “DDI” for short.

Desert Does It makes quite a few off-road products for the Toyota market as well as the Ford Bronco. Some of their most notable products are their incredibly popular Seat Jackers and seat-mounted MOLLE panels. The Seat Jackers help to increase the height of your seat and increase leg support overall. So whether you’re a 5’9 guy like me that needs a bit more ride height or a 6’3 guy looking for more legroom, the Seat Jackers are for you. Both products are very popular in the Toyota market and I feel like they are going to be very well received by the Bronco audience because the seats sit so low.

Tired of feeling like you’re sliding forward in your Bronco? Looking to get planted in your seat and actually use the lumbar support? Then its time to find that perfect seating position and get comfortable. The Adjustable Front Seat Jackers will lift the front of your Ford Bronco front seats. The DDI kit is user adjustable in .375 inch increments and will lift the front of your Driver or Passenger seat from .375 inches to .75 inches. These will help you find that reclined seating position that just isn’t available in a stock Bronco. – Desert Does It

The spacers are CNC milled and designed to accommodate the factory seat rail pin and the provided hardware.

Find it online: 

Product Overview

Seat Spacers from DDI to prevent Seat/Back Pain on the Bronco

The DDI Seat Jackers come with all hardware you need. The spacers, and the bolts. The product features one spacer with a cutout slot and one with a raised portion, designed to lock into each other.

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Height Adjustment

You can lift your front seats by .375 (3/8) inches with one spacer and up to .75 (3/4) inches with both spacers.

Step 1. Pop Cap on Seat Plastics

Remove cap on Seat

This is the placement you want your plastic pry tool. Pop this tab and move to the next step.

Step 2. Remove the Cap on the Seat Plastics

Pop Cap on Seat Plastics

Here is that cap that popped up.

Step 3. Remove Front 13mm Bolt

Remove 13mm Bolt

Start with a manual ratchet driver to break the 13mm loose.

Step 4. Milwaukee Driver

Remove 13mm Bolt

The bolts are pretty long so I moved over to a 3/8 Milwaukee driver once the bolt was loose.

Step 5. Remove the Rear Seat 13mm Bolt

Remove 13mm Bolt (Rear Seat Mount)

Break the rear bolts loose by only 5-7 turns but do not remove them entirely.

Step 6. Lift the Front of the Seat

Lift Front of Seat

Prop the front seats up.

Step 7. Position Spacers Under Seat

Seat Height Adjustment Spacer for 6th Gen Bronco

The perfect circle hole goes under the rail pin. The radius circle goes under the provided hardware from DDI.

Step 8. Set Seat on Spacers

Set Seat on Spacers

This part was a bit tricky.

Because the back bolts were loosened it caused the seat to tilt up pushing the seat forward which prevented the rail pin from seating properly back into place. I was able to get one bolt threaded halfway down (closest to the door). Once that bolt and pin were in place I moved to the other side and yanked the seat forward. That dropped the rail pin in place allowing me to drop the pin and the bolt in place.

Step 9. Bolt Down 13mm Provided by DDI

Bolt Down 13mm Provided by DDI

Once your seats are down, apply some blue Loctite, and secure all your bolts in place (front + rear). Finally, place all your plastic caps back on.

Side View (Plastics re-installed)

Bronco Seat Spacer

Here is a look at the plastics after they have been reinstalled. They obviously sit higher as the seat has been lifted, however, it’s not going to be something you stare at every day. It’s also not as noticeable looking down on it from above.

Final Thoughts

Bronco Ride Height Low Spacer

Game = Changed.

Before the Seat Jackers, I was sitting low and my leg/back positioning was really off.

After the Seat Jackers, my ride height is not only higher but my lower back, and leg positioning is much… and I mean much more comfortable.

Big shout out to the whole team at DDI for making such an important product for the Bronco.

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Mike kass
Mike kass
9 months ago

Can you place the seat jacks in back of the front seat instead of the front

9 months ago
Reply to  Mike kass

Yeah, you can do the rear only or the front only, or both.