6th Gen Bronco Mods – Top 10 Beginner Mods for the 6th Gen Bronco

6th Gen Bronco White 33-Inch Tires Badlands

Top Entry-Level 6th Gen Bronco Mods & Accessories – Getting Started with Easy Mods You Can Do To Your Ford Bronco

With the new 6th Gen Bronco in full production and herds of aftermarket companies lining up ready to serve your build with the latest game-changing mods out there, you have lots to choose from. From popular part manufacturers such as ARB, KC Lights, KING, and even FOX to retail shops like 4Wheels Parts selling in-house brands like Smittybilt, there is a part out there for almost every driver on almost every budget.

Before you install a KC Lights Pro6 light bar, ARB bumpers, and a +3 long travel lift kit featuring KINGs with remote reservoirs and triple bypass secondaries, let’s jump into some of the more common… entry-level mods.

We’re not looking at the top mods for off-roading, however, this one will focus on beginner mods and generally speaking some of the easier mods out there that improve the functionality and/or looks of the somewhat lacking 6th Gen Bronco in general. We will follow up with another post for the top off-road mods, but for now, let’s keep it simple and cover some simple mods almost everyone can do – regardless of your skill level.

1. Tires

Buying Tires for the 6th Gen Bronco

This mod applies to the most important mod overall and should never be overlooked. 

The first place I start with any off-road build is a good set of tires. Not only will tires improve the functionality of your Bronco off-road, but it changes the look as well. Upgrading your tire size on the Bronco will usually depend on the model you purchased.

There are many broncos sitting on the lot with upgraded wheels wrapped in 35″ Duratracs and then some get downgraded to steelies wrapped 32″ tires. My 2022 White Badlands, for example, came with 33″ (285/70R17) tires wrapped in the 17-inch machined Carbonized Gray-painted aluminum wheels, standard on Badlands.

Tire Size

33″ tires are a bit small for a truck that can run 35″ tires off the lot so I am personally moving up to 34-35″ tires or even up to 37″ tires in the near future. Regardless of which size you upgrade to, you always want to consider MPGs and general wear/tear on your vehicle. Obviously the smaller the tire, the better the MPGs so if you plan on commuting a lot or daily driving long distances, stay around 285/70, 285/75, or 295/70 size.

If you plan on moving up to 37″ tires, get ready to trim your bumper plastics, trim your rock sliders, and remove your crash bars because at full lock forward or reverse when the tire is stuffed, you’re going to rub.

35″ seems to be a great size all the way around for the Bronco so if you want a good middle-of-the-road option, stay on 35″ tires.

Tire Tread

It’s unlikely that your Bronco was sitting on the lot with Bridgestone Duellers, but in the case it was, you need to upgrade those as soon as possible – that is if you want to explore trails often. Outside of highway terrains, you have A/T, R/T, and M/T tires.

All Terrains (A/T) are the most common with plenty of options to choose from. A/T tires are quiet on road, they last a long time, and they’re usually great on Ice, snow, and wet surfaces but the downside is that their performance lacks in the mud and wet/loose rock.

Rugged Terrains (R/T) are a hybrid of all-terrain and mud-terrains so they’re right in the middle of an A/T and an M/T. The problem with R/T tires is that they tend to lean towards one side of the spectrum so you need to do deep research on R/Ts before buying to make sure they suit your needs.

Mud Terrain (M/T) tires are the gnarliest looking, most off-road capable tires you can get. Obviously great in the mud as the name implies but usually horrible on wet surfaces and ice.


There are many brands of tires, just make sure that you stick to a killer brand of tire. Cheap tires will put you in an expensive accident. Don’t buy cheap tires. If you can afford it, stick with name-brand tires such as Yokohama, Toyo, BFG, Mickey Thompson, Cooper, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, General, etc. Check the links above to see my top pics for each tire type.

2. Blackout Emblem Kit

Blackout Horse Emblem for 6th Gen Bronco

If you’re looking for a simple easy mod that will add to the overall appearance of your Bronco, this is it.

Blackout emblem kits are around $20 on Amazon or you can buy the OEM one from Ford for $45 + shipping. While the option from Ford directly only comes in glossy black, some of the options on Amazon come in a handful of options; glossy black, matte black, American Flag, and much more. Regardless of which one you choose, you will love the outcome after installing an upgraded set of black horse emblems.

3. Phone Mount

Off-Roam Mount + Hondo Garage Mount

Everyone needs a phone mount. This is one option for a really cool system.

Meet the Desert Does it dash-mounted MOLLE panel. Not only is it a universal MOLLE system but it doubles as a phone mount. Pictured on this panel are two mounts. One is the Off-Roam Phone mount attached to an ICS Fab base and the other is a 1″ Ram ball with a long arm connected to a Hondo Garage phone mount. Both are great options. If this system is a little too much for you, check out the Off-Roam 6th Gen Bronco specific mounts. They offer a handful of really cool mounts that are made just for our Bronco.

4. Hood Struts

Hood Strut Upgrade for 6th Gen Bronco

Now we’re getting into the creature comfort problems with the 6th gen Bronco overall.

Why does the job 6th Gen Bronco not come with hood struts? This seems like such a basic creature comfort that should be offered as a standard option on every vehicle in 2022 – especially one that costs $60k-$70k.

A good set of upgraded hood struts are an easy mod to do and relatively cheap. For under $200 for a name brand and around $50 for an off-brand, you can swap in a pair for cheap and fast. Expect a 1-hour installation process for installing hood struts. We have a full step-by-step guide on installing hood struts on our white Badlands edition soon.

5. Raptor Lights

Raptor Lights on 6th Gen Bronco - White Bronco Build

Our big brother got the three LEDs, what about us? The Ford Raptor is well known for its iconic raptor lights or “marker lights” and overland builds have been ripping them off for years now.

Almost every 5th Gen 4Runner, and 3rd Gen Tacoma on Instagram is rocking a set of Raptor lights. Well, it’s time we get a set too. This is an incredibly simple mod that almost anyone at any skill level can install in their driveway with minimal shop tools. Go check out the write-up we put together on wiring a set of raptor lights to the aux switch on our Badlands Bronco.

6. Center Console Tray

Phone Placement for Center Console Tray

The Center console tray is something that belongs in almost every Bronco. The 6th Gen Bronco is lacking in the center console department. From the factory, Ford gives you an empty box with no organization at all. There are no pockets, no sections, and barely any ports. You get a 12v dc cigarette lighter adapter port… and that’s it. By adding a center console tray, you now have a place to set your phone and some of those important quick-access items that you’re always digging for.

7. Center Console MOLLE Panels

Central Console Grab Handle MOLLE Panel 6th Gen Ford Bronco

If your Bronco came with the grab handle in the center console then you can install a set of center console MOLLE Panels. These are great for any of your common EDC items that are carried on a daily basis; communications and radio equipment, fire extinguishers, flashlights, knives, footwell kit LEDs, and much more.

8. Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander for 6th Gen Bronco

If you want to reduce that lag in your gas pedal, grab a Pedal Commander. Once you experience it, you won’t go back to the factory gas pedal. The unit has a ton of modes that allow you to fine-tune and customize the sensitivity of your gas pedal. I currently run the sport mode +3 and it’s pretty amazing. The Bronco has an incredibly annoying throttle lag and the PC all but eliminates it. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

9. J&L Oil Catch Can

J&L Oil Catch Can on 6th Gen Bronco

If you’re looking for a super easy preventative maintenance mod, look no further. The J&L Oil Separator Co Catch Can is quite possibly one of the easiest mods I’ve done on the Bronco to date. It’s also a very functional mod that’s been proven to work well on both direct injection and port injection engines. Since the Bronco utilizes direct injection, we tend to benefit a bit more. We wrote a quick install and review on the catch can – check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

10. Agency 6 B-Pillar Window Covers

Agency 6 High-Gloss B-Pillar Covers for the 6th Gen Bronco

The Agency 6 High-Gloss B-Pillar Covers are one of the mods that makes your Bronco stand out. It’s designed to match the rear window glass, and if your front window glass is tinted, it will create the appearance of one continuous piece of glass. This is a super easy installation process and only takes about 30 minutes for both sides. Agency 6 is located in Roseville, CA and they manufacture all of their off-road recovery gear, and Bronco accessories right here in the USA.

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Where did you order the RAPTOR LIGHTS

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Nice and simple place to start with mods, thanks for sharing.