6th Gen Bronco Raptor Lights aka “Grille Marker Lights” Installation Guide & Review

6th Gen Bronco Raptor Lights

Raptor Light Mod on 6th Gen Bronco – How to Install Marker Lights on a Ford Bronco – Full Installation Guide & Review

Raptor lights are a popular aftermarket light mod for many makes and models, including the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, and the 6th Gen Ford Bronco. Raptor lights obviously came from the Ford Raptor and it has been carried over to many off-road and overland builds over the last decade.

Raptor lights or “marker lights” are identification lights designed to tell other motorists on the road that a large vehicle is ahead. Raptor lights also provide a more rugged, off-road look depending on the build, and can be installed on the front grille, bumper, or roof of the vehicle. These lights are typically made from durable materials such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic housings and are resistant to impact and harsh weather conditions.

They are available in a variety of styles and colors, including clear, amber, white, and smoke, and can be used for both functional and visual purposes. Some kits operate via an on/off switch while others operate via an always-on ignition signal. For our installation, we’re going to remove the add-a-fuse and wire our lights to the AUX switch on the Bronco.

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Step 1. Remove Radiator Cover Clips

Remove Radiator Cover Clips

You can use two flathead screwdrivers, plastic trim tools, or plastic clip removal tools.

Step 2. Clip Removal Tool if Needed

Clip Removal Tool if Needed

These plastic clip removal tools from Gearwrench work great for these clips.

Step 3. Remove Radiator Cover

Remove Radiator Cover

Once all the clips have been removed, you can slide out the radiator cover. You may need to pull off the intake inlet tube before removing the cover.

Step 4. Remove Grille Bolts

Remove Grille Bolts

Now remove all four (4) grille bolts securing the grille to the radiator support. First, loosen the bolts with a ratcheting driver, and then use a power drill/driver. Be careful not to strip these bolts as you remove them. Avoid using an impact.

Step 5. Pull Outside Grille

Pull On Outside Grille

To remove the grille, gently wiggle as you pull out on the grille. Do this on the corners first to break the clips free from their housing and then move to the center.

Step 6. Pull Center Grille

Pull On Outside Grille

After the corners are free, pull out on the center grille and remove from Bronco.

Step 7. Prepare Harness

Prepare Harners

Prepare your harness and installation materials.

Step 8. Cut Harness to Length

Cut Harness to Preferred Length

I test-fitted the lights/harness together on the grille and cut off the excess wire. About 2-3 feet of wire was cut out.

Step 9. Waterproof Connectors

I decided to install a waterproof connector (similar to Weather Pack) for the power lead and a waterproof ring terminal for the ground lead.

Step 10. Attach Marker Lights

Insert Raptor Grille Light LEDs

Determine where you want your Rator light LEDs to sit on your grille and clip them into place.

Step 11. Heatshrink Connection Points

Heatshrink Connection Points

I decided to add some heat shrink around each connection point where the LED connects to the main harness.

Step 12. Zip-Tie Wires In Place

Zip-Tie Wire Into Place

I added some zip-tie anchor points on the backside of the upper grille support for running the wires.

Step 13. Install Grille

Install Grille

Time to install the grille and prepare your wires.

Step 14. Prepare Purple Grille Aux Wire

Prepare Purple Grille Aux Wire 

For this installation, we’re powering our lights via the Upfitter AUX Switch (#6) on the Bronco.

First, we’re connecting the power lead on our raptor lights to the purple wire pre-wired on the Bronco.

Step 15. Connect Lights to Purple Grille Aux Wire

Connect Lights to Purple Grille Aux Wire

Connect that power lead to the purple wire.

Step 16. Ground, Power, and Zip Ties

Ground, Power and Zip Ties

Now ground out your harness on the negative battery terminal and then zip-tie everything down. You can see where I have grounded the wire and added zip-ties along frame support brace.

Step 17. Prepare Supply Wire Connection

Yellow & Orange Wire

Now we need to provide power to our purple wire at the grille.

The Bronco comes from the factory with all 6 Upfitter Aux Switches pre-wired and pre-powered. Each of these wires is running to a relay and a fuse. Since switch #6 is only a 10amp fuse/relay, we’re going to wire our raptor lights to this wire.

Switch #6 is the Yellow Wire with an Orange Stripe (Yellow/Orange).

The purple wire is pre-wired right next to the 6 Upfitter Aux Switches, so connecting the two is very simple.

We’re adding waterproof connectors to each wire and then connecting them. The best part about Weatherpack connectors is that you can unclip them at any time if you decide to change your mind.

Step 18. Yellow & Orange Wire -> Purple Wire

Yellow & Orange Wire -> Purple Wire

Here is a final look at the Yellow/Orange wire connected to the purple wire. We now have 10amp power running to our purple wire at the grille.

Step 19. Test Lights

Raptor Lights Testing

Time to jump into the Bronco and turn on switch #6 – you should have power!

Final Thoughts

6th Gen Bronco Raptor Lights

I know it’s a bit of a debatable topic but I like them.

I think more companies should offer the smoked-out version rather than the straight amber but the amber still looks good. I was unable to find a smoked-out or blacked-out set of raptor lights for the Badlands grille. If you know of a good solution for blacking out the lights, let me know in the comments section below.

How did you wire up your raptor lights? Same way or different?

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