6th Gen Ford Bronco Center Console Tray Organizer

6th Gen Ford Bronco Center Console Tray Organizer

How to Organize the Center Console on the 6th Gen Ford Bronco – Easy Drop-in Organization Tray Mod

The center console in a 6th Gen Ford Bronco is a storage area located in the center of the vehicle under the armrest. It is accessed by lifting the armrest and can be used to store small items such as phone chargers, sunglasses, or other small personal items.

The problem with this storage area is that it has minimal organization from the factory. There are no dividers, and no top tray – all you get is a small container that doesn’t even fit well inside.

Today we’re going to drop in a tray which should add a bit more organization to our console overall.

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6th Gen Ford Bronco Center Console Tray

From the factory, Ford provides the small organization tray however it doesn’t seem to fit well inside the center console so I ended up grabbing one of these trays that rests on top of the console.

The installation is incredibly simple. Just place the tray down and the ribs on the outside of the tray will catch on the sides and rest on top of the console.

There are a handful of trays on Amazon and most of them are very similar if not the exact same. This one pictured was one of the cheapest options for around $15. For the price, you can’t complain. It does its job of adding a couple of compartments on top of your center console, a coin holder, and a passthrough for the charger.

Some of the other trays sit at $25+ and come with the Bronco logo stamped on the rubberized insert. If you’re looking to keep everything Bronco/Ford consistent, then it looks like a good option but this one pictured here for $15 definitely gets the job done.

Phone Placement

Phone Placement for Center Console Tray

My iPhone 11 Pro fits perfectly in the phone compartment however the passthrough cable for charging is on the other side. Not sure why they did that. It seems like the charger passthrough should be on the phone side and not the small side. After initially buying this one, I found another tray with three compartments linked above that has the passthrough cable on the same side as the phone which might add a little more value depending on how you intend on using the tray. Regardless, if you’re running anything larger than an iPhone 11 Pro, you’re going to have a hard time fitting the phone + the charger cable anywhere functional.

Final Thoughts

Center Console Tray Divider

The rubber inserts prevent items from rattling around and the tray itself is made of very thick ABS plastic. Overall, it’s a quick, easy, and functional addition to the cabin for $15. The tray fits all current 2021, 2022, and 2023 Ford Bronco 2/4-door models and will not work for the Bronco Sport.

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