6th Gen Ford Bronco Tire Size Guide

33" KO2 Tires on Ford Bronco Badlands (White on Black)

6th Gen Ford Bronco Tire Sizes – Complete Tire Size Guide for the 6th Generation Ford Bronco

Wheels and tires are usually everyone’s first mod. However, you may be able to skip that step with the 6th Gen Ford Bronco. Some trim options on the Bronco will offer a tire size of up to 35 inches, however, most models are seen with 33″ tires. If you’re lucky, you might see a dealership here and there that “builds” one through their parts department with something up to a 37″ tire.

Broncos on the lot with 35″ tires are usually limited to the Badlands, and Wildtrak. In a very rare case, you will see 35″ tires on the Outer Banks, Black Diamond, and the Big Bend but for the most part, those models all come with 33″ tires and sometimes even smaller. We have seen tires as small as 29″ tires on steelies while searching for our Bronco out here in Northern California.

What does this mean for you? It doesn’t matter if the spec you’re looking at comes with 30″ tires or 33″ tires, you can always move up to 34″ tires or even 37″ tires.

Tire Size

Bronco Model Wheel & Tire Size Options

Here is a quick reference list of models on the tire/wheel size that comes standard on that model.

  • Base model: 16″ steel wheels and 255/70 (30″ / 30.04″) all-terrain or even highway terrain tires.
  • Big Bend: 17″ aluminum wheels and 255/75 (32″ / 32.05″) all-terrain tires.
  • Outer Banks: 18″ aluminum wheels and 255/70 (32″ / 32.1″) all-terrain tires.
  • Black Diamond: 17″ steel wheels and 265/70 (32″ / 31.7″) all-terrain tires.
  • Badlands: 17″ aluminum wheels and 285/70 (33″ / 32.8″) all-terrain tires.
  • Wildtrak: 17″ aluminum wheels and 315/70 (35″ / 34.3″) all-terrain or mud-terrain tires
  • First Edition – Only 3500 First Edition models will be made and they are going to come standard with the Sasquatch package which means 35″ tires from the factory. They will come equipped with 17″ aluminum wheels and 315/70 (35″ / 34.3″) all-terrain or mud-terrain depending on your dealer.
  • Sasquatch Package: 17″ aluminum wheels and 315/70 (35″ / 34.3″) all-terrain tires
  • Everglades: 17” carbonized and 315/70 (35″ / 34.3″) mud-terrain tires.
  • Heritage Limited Edition: 17” Dog-Dish aluminum wheels and 315/70 (35″ / 34.3″) mud-terrain tires.
  • Bronco Raptor: 17” aluminum gloss black or 17” Beadlock forged Wheels and 37X12.5 (37″ / 37.0 – true 37″) all-terrain tires.

Bolt Pattern:

  • 6 x 5.5 (6 x 139.7) this is the same bolt pattern as the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, Chevy Tahoe and so many others. This is a very common bolt pattern that is used for a wide variety of makes and models. 
Center Bore:
  • 93.1

Thread Size: 

  • M12 x 1.5

Wheel Tightening Torque

  • 135 Nm

    No matter which model you get and which tire size your Bronco is equipped with, your rig will be very capable off-road, however, the 33″ tire size is what you want to aim for if you’re looking to hit moderate to advanced off-road trails.

    Wheel Weight, Wheel Size, and Offset

    6th Gen Bronco Badlands Wheels

    Understanding your wheel specs is incredibly important for understanding tire rubbing issues, stance, and much more.

    Here is a list of common 6th Gen Bronco wheel weights, wheel sizes, and offsets.

    • 16″ steel wheels (steelies): 16×7, 22lbs, 55mm offset
    • 17″ steel wheels (steelies): 17×7, 31lbs, 55mm offset
    • 17” Carbonized Gray-Painted Aluminum Wheels: 17X8, 35.5lbs, 55mm offset
    • 17” Black High Gloss-Painted Aluminum Wheels: 17X8, 35.5lbs, 55mm offset
    • 17” Black High Gloss-Painted Aluminum Wheels Beadlock Capable: 17X8.5, 37lbs, 30mm offset
      • Carbonized Gray, Warm Alloy, and Black Rings all have the same wheel spec.
    • 17” White/Black Dog Dish Wheels: Unknown
    • 18” Bright Machined Black High Gloss-Painted Aluminum Wheels: 18X7.5, 37lbs, 55mm offset

    If you notice anything off or see any new wheels launched, drop a comment at the bottom of the post and we’ll get it updated here.

    Tire Brands

    34" Cooper STT Pros on Bronco

    Pictured: Cooper STT Pros 295/70R17 (33.46″)

    Which brand of tire is going to come on each model? With 7 different submodels available for the 6th Gen Bronco, Ford offers tire sizes from 30″ all the way up to 35″. Let’s look at the models and see which trim comes with which brand and tread type.

    • Base model: 255/70R16 Bridgestone Dueler H/T (All-Season A/S Tires)
    • Big Bend: 255/75R17 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S (All-Terrain A/T Tires)
    • Outer Banks: 255/70R18 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S (All-Terrain A/T Tires)
    • Black Diamond:265/70R17 General Grabber A/Tx (All-Terrain A/T Tires)
    • Badlands: 285/70R17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 & Goodyear Territory (Mud-Terrain M/T Tires)
    • Wildtrak: 315/70R17 Goodyear Territory (however we have seen some Wrangler Duratracs get mounted
    • First Edition: 315/70R17 Goodyear Territory (Mud-Terrain M/T Tires)
    • Everglades: 315/70R17 Goodyear Territory (Mud-Terrain M/T Tires)
    • Heritage Limited Edition: 315/70R17 Goodyear Territory (Mud-Terrain M/T Tires)
    • Bronco Raptor: 37X12.5R17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

    Some of the most common tire brands we see on the 6th Gen Bronco are Goodyears, BFGs, and Generals. The Goodyear Territory is very common and comes in an aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tire. The other brand of tire you will find is in the BFGs line which includes their KM3, a pretty aggressive mud-terrain tire, and the BFG KO2s, which is very long-lasting and dependable all-terrain. All of these tires are name-brand and are made with the highest-quality rubber compounds on the market. You can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with Goodyear, BFG, and even Generals.

    If for some reason your dealer does not have one of these brands featured on your build, you can opt for any other high-end tire brands such as Yokohama, Toyo, Cooper, Nitto, Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin, and many others.

    Tire Weight & MPGs

    What Tire Size is Best for the 6th Gen Bronco?

    When it comes to choosing your tire size, you have quite a few options.

    Let’s break this one into four common sizes; 33″, 34″, 35″, and 37″. While these are general sizes, what we really want to look at is the radial size listed. All tires on the road are broken down into width, sidewall height, and wheel size which will give you an overall diameter or “true size”. And even though tires can technically have the same metric size, they might actually have a different name true size. For example, some 285/70R17s measure close to a 32″ tire and some a 33″.

    Let’s compare a few brands in the 285/70R17 size for example.

    • MIlestar Patagonia: 32.6
    • Yokohama Geolander X-A/T: 32.7″
    • Goodyear Territory: 32.8″
    • BFG KO2: 32.8″
    • Yokohama Geolander M/T: 32.9″

    You can see that the Yokohama Geolander M/Ts are much closer to a true 33″ tire than the others. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for tires. Just because you’re buying a tire quoted at 33″ doesn’t mean you’re getting that exact size.

    In addition to tire size, consider your engine size because the 2.3L is rated for better MPGs than the 2.7L but that’s not always the case. It really depends on your driving style and heavy you are on the skinny pedal. You can reference Fuelly for real-time numbers on MPG stats here.

    Weight is also a huge factor when choosing tire size. The more unsprung weight you run, the harder it is on your chassis and the Broncos drivetrain overall. The Bronco was designed for a certain amount of tire weight and once you go over that weight rating, it can be hard on the life of your vehicle.

    Which Tire Size is for You?

    6th Gen Bronco Tire Sizes - Which Tire Size if for you?

    33″ Tires (285/70R17)

    • Expected MPGs: 20-22
    • BFG KO2 Weight: 57.9lbs

    This is the most common tire size and for good reason. It’s great on MPGs overall and they don’t weigh much. 33″ tires will clear when fully stuffed in the wheel well in forward or reverse at full lock. Most 33″ tires, especially all-terrain tires, are going to have great on-road manners and will have minimal road noise if any at all.

    34″ Tires (285/75R17)

    • Expected MPGs: 18-20
    • BFG KO2 Weight: 61.27lbs

    Anything around the 34″ size (285/75R17 or 295/70R17) is great if you want the perfect balance of MPGs while getting some aggressive looks and off-road capabilities. If you’re hesitating the move up to 35″ then do yourself a favor and choose between the 285/75R17 (wider) or 295/70R17 (taller) tire.

    35″ Tires (35X12.5R17)

    • Expected MPGs: 15-18
    • BFG KO2 Weight: 68.2lbs

    The Ford Bronco was quite literally designed to run 35″ tires which is one of the biggest selling points of this mid-size platform. At the 35″ tire size, you’re going to get a much larger contact patch when aired down off-road. You’re going to clear a few more obstacles over 33″ tires and generally speaking, your off-road performance will be much better. Bigger tires make everything easier off-road. It’s important to note though, your MPGs will be affected, and tire road noise will go up, especially if you’re running a mud terrain.

    37″ Tires (37X12.5R17)

    FORD Raptor Grille with Alpharex Bronco Raptor Headlights

    • Expected MPGs: 10-15
    • BFG KO2 Weight: 71.3lbs

    If you’ve never run 37″ tires, they’re bigger than you think. They’re also really heavy and depending on the tread pattern, they can be loud.

    You will need to upgrade your suspension, trim your factory rock sliders or install new sliders, trim your factory bumper (depending on bumper) and finally remove the crash bar inserts in order to fully clear 37″ tires. And, although some people suggest it, you don’t need a body lift or a Body Mount Chop (BMC) to run 37″ tires.

    If you want to run 37″ tires on the Bronco, it can be done, you just need to understand the modifications needed.

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    11 months ago

    Hi! I have the Big Bend and wanted bigger tires, but have read that I have to add a lift kit for anything bigger than 34″. Even with the 34, you have to move something around (tail light).