Alpharex Alpha Black “Bronco Raptor Headlights” 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

Alpharex Alpha Black Headlights 6th Gen Bronco - Install & Review

Bronco Raptor Headlight Housing Upgrade with Amber or White Halos and Bars for the 6th Gen Bronco – Installation Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a Bronco Raptor headlight upgrade or just a set of new headlights, these should be pretty high on your list. Not only do these headlights look amazing, but they provide some pretty epic functionality as well. These SAE and DOT-approved headlight housings fit the 21-23 full-size Ford Bronco, and will not fit the Sport models.

The best part about these housings is that they’re configurable. You can adjust the DRL Halo and the DRL Bar in White and/or Amber into a total of four different configurations.

DRL Options: 

  • White Halo // White Bar
  • Amber Halo // Amber Bar
  • White Halo // Amber Bar
  • Amber Halo // White Bar

Turn Signal:

  • Amber

Light Source(s):

  • Low Beam: Osram Oslon black flat LED chips X all 4 LED cubes
  • High Beam: AlphaRex LUXX LED X 2 bottom two LED cubes

For the low beams, all four 3D LED ice cubes utilize Osram Oslon black flat LED chips. For the high beams, the bottom two 3D ice cubes kick on utilizing AlphaRex LUXX LEDs.

Not only do these lights provide some impressive output, and a very precise cutoff line with zero squirrel finders, but they’re also freaking beautiful in person. The 6000K color LED cubes mixed with the amber halo and bar are very impressive in person. Once you turn them on, you’re going to stare at them for a while.

Without any more, let’s jump into the video overview and installation guide. 

Alpharex Alpha Black Bronco Install Video

Step 1. Remove Radiator Cover Clips

Remove Radiator Cover Clips

You can use two flathead screwdrivers, plastic trim tools, or plastic clip removal tools.

Step 2. Remove Radiator Cover

Remove Radiator Cover

Once all the clips have been removed, you can slide out the radiator cover. You may need to pull off the intake inlet tube before removing the cover if it’s giving you trouble.

Step 3. Remove Grille Bolts

Remove Grille Bolts

Now remove all four (4) grille bolts securing the grille to the radiator support. First, loosen the bolts with a ratcheting driver, and then use a power drill/driver. Be careful not to strip these bolts as you remove them. Avoid using an impact.

Step 4. Pull Outside Grille

Pull On Outside Grille

To remove the grille, gently wiggle as you pull out on the grille. Pull on the corners first to break the clips free from their housing and then move to the center.

Step 5. Pull Center Grille

Pull On Outside Grille

After the corners are free, pull out the center grille and remove the lower grille clips.

Step 6. Removing Headlight Housing

To remove the housing, there are a total of three (3) bolts, one (1) retainer clip, and a center locking pin holding the housing in place.

Step 7. Remove the Retainer Clip Near 10mm

Start by removing the retainer clip near the fender.

Step 8. Remove 10mm Near Fender

Remove 10mm Near Fender

Remove the 10mm next to the retainer clip near the fender.

Step 9. Remove 10mm on Radiator Support

Remove 10mm on Radiator Support

Remove the 10mm on the radiator support.

Step 10. Remove 8mm Under the Housing

Remove 8mm Under the HousingRemove 8mm Under the Housing

To remove the headlight housing from the Bronco, you don’t need to remove the lower valance that wraps around the fender. The area access is tight, however, the bolt can be accessed with a small 8mm open-end wrench.

Step 11. Pull Headlight Housing Out

Pull Headlight Housing Out

In order to break the housing free, there is one last retainer pin that holds the housing in place. Gently, but firmly pull straight out on the headlight housing. One firm tug straight out should break it free.

Step 12. Pull Headlight Housing Underneath Fender

Pull Headlight Housing Underneath Fender

Pull Headlight Housing Underneath Fender

In order to pull the housing out, tilt the face of the housings towards the floor and gently slide the housing underneath the tip/corner of the fender. The top plastic portion of the housing will make contact with the fender. This is normal. Gently pull the housing underneath the fender and slightly lift up on the fender at the same time. The housing will come right out.

Step 13. Circuit Board Overview

The cool part about these headlight housings is that you can change the color of the Bar and Halo – independently of each other.

Out of the box, the Alpharex Alpha Blacks come with a white Bar and white Halo. You can change the color by simply plugging in each of these white leads. If you plug in the two leads titled “Halo” your halo color will change to amber. If you plug in the two leads titled “Bar” your bar color will change to amber.

Pretty awesome right!!

Step 14. Test Headlights

Test New Headlights

We decided to plug both sets of leads together ultimately giving us an amber halo and bar.

Step 15. Install New Headlight Housings

Disconnect Wiring Harness

Once you select your color options, connect your housing to the factory connector and install the housings.

Step 15. Bolt Down Both 10mm

Bolt Down 10mm

Step 16. Bolt Down 8mm

Bolt Down 8mm

Just as you removed the 8mm bolt, reinstall it the same way. Start by hand tightening it first, and then bolt it down with an 8mm open-end wrench.

Step 17. New Push Clips

New Push Clips

New Push Clips Location

I would suggest getting a set of new retainer push clips. Thank me later.

Low Beam Pattern

Low Beam Pattern

The Alpharex Alpha Blacks feature a very precise, very clean cutoff line straight out of the box. This was parked 10 feet away from the garage and the lights were sitting around 38″. See our photo below to get a more accurate SAE/DOT-compliant representation of cutoff placement.

High Beam Pattern

High Beam Pattern

The high beam isn’t CRAZY BRIGHT, however, it’s brighter than the OEM housings which were already enough for me. To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot wrong with the factory housings. For the most part, the reason why I upgraded the headlight housing was for looks. For starters, the Alpharex Nova series allows you to get a Bronco Raptor-style look with the amber halo and bar. Secondly, the Alpharex 3D LED Cubes just look freaking amazing against the amber color.

Amber Halo, Amber Bar, 4 LED Cubes

Amber Halo, Amber Bar, 4 LED Cubes

If you’re going for the Bronco Raptor headlight housing upgrade, this modification is for you. I’ve seen the Bronco Raptor headlights a few times at the dealership and these Alpharex housings look much better. They’re completely blacked out.

Low Beam Pattern

We measured the Bronco parked 25′ away from a flat wall on flat surface ground. The driver-side beam pattern measured 34″ off the ground. We’ve driven around with the lights for a few days and may adjust the beam pattern down, but no oncoming traffic has flashed us, so we seem to be ok.

Final Thoughts

Alpharex Alpha Black Headlights 6th Gen Bronco - Install & Review

The installation is easy and the result is amazing.

I’ve run a few Alpharex headlights on my 4Runner and Tacoma in the past and these headlights are by far my favorite. The signature halo on the Ford Bronco gives the Alpharex status sequence an awesome circle motion and then it fades to amber or white, whichever color you choose.

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Moving Chicane
Moving Chicane
6 months ago

Looks great!
Question – Where did you get that nice box of “retainer push clips“?

6 months ago
Reply to  Moving Chicane

Those clips are all over Amazon. You can find that set here.

Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons
1 year ago