Carbon Fiber Blackout Interior Trim Kit for the 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

Carbon Fiber Interior Trim & Factory Plastics Protection Kit – Easy Mod for the 6th Gen Bronco

Installing a carbon fiber or matte black blackout kit can increase the overall appearance and aesthetics of the Brono’s interior. These trim pieces also act as interior protectants that prevent any scratches to the factory plastics.

In this kit, you will find a console, steering wheel, and door handle trim kit. Please note that installation processes can vary depending on the specific Bronco model. This installation is covering a Bronco Badlands edition, and CTH offers a wide variety of trim kits available for other full-size Bronco models in addition to the Bronco Sport.

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    Tools and Materials

    • Carbon fiber blackout console, steering wheel, and door handle trim kit
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Interior trim cleaner
    • Double-sided adhesive tape (included in the kit)

    Step 1. Preparation

    Blackout Trim Kit For 6th gen Bronco

    Park your Bronco in the garage to potentially avoid dust from blowing in during the installation process.

    Step 2. Clean

    Clean & Prep

    Grab a microfiber cloth and some interior trim cleaner. Start cleaning each surface that a trim piece will be applied. In our case, we’re installing trim pieces on the center console, steering wheel, and all door controls so we’re cleaning those surface areas.

    The CTH trim kit includes alcohol wipes, however, we used some Adams Polishes.

    Step 3. Peel Back 3M Tape

    Peel Back 3M Tape on Trim Pieces

    Before peeling off any of the 3M tape backings, perform a dry test fit of each piece to ensure they match the corresponding surfaces and fit correctly. Now peel off all the adhesive backing for one piece, and install one piece at a time.

    Step 4. Apply Trim

    Apply Each Trim Piece

    To install the trim pieces, carefully mock up the trim and then press down firmly and evenly on each trim piece to ensure proper adhesion.

    Center Console Tips

    Center Console Carbon Fiber Trim Cover for 6th Gen Bronco

    For the center console trim you will need to pull the shift lever out of park in order for the piece to fit into place. Make sure you put the Bronco back in park after the trim is fitted in place before fully pressing the plastics down.

    Steering Wheel

    Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim Kit for Bronco

    Center Console

    Carbon Fiber Center Console Trim Kit for Bronco

    Door Handle Trim

    Carbon Fiber Door Handle Trim Kit for Bronco

    Final Thoughts

    Carbon Fiber Trim Kit

    That’s it. This is a pretty simple application process. One of the best parts about these kits is that you protect the factory plastics from being scratched and if you ever go to sell your Bronco, you can pull off the trim in addition to the 3M tape and you’ll be left with factory condition plastics throughout.

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