CBI Off-Road T-Case Skid Plate Install & Review on The 6th Gen Bronco

CBI T-Case Skid Plate

CBI Off-Road T-Case (Transfer Case) Overland Skid Plate Installation Guide on 6th Gen Bronco

If you’re looking for an upgraded transfer case skid plate, look no further. The CBI Off-Road T-Case skid is made of 1/4″ mild steel and comes bare metal or powder coated in a matte black smooth texture coating.

Compare the 1/4″ CBI T-Case skid thickness to the OEM 3/16″ mild steel. Even though it’s only a 1/8″ difference, the CBI skids are going to be able to withstand much more abuse over time.

The surface area on the CBI T-Case skid is much larger than the OEM skid that’s equipped from the factory – providing better protection from obstacles on the trail such as rocks, logs, and stumps.

In addition to its larger surface area, the skid provides drainage ports all the way around. Their new design includes even more drainage ports; 5 on the version pictured here and 9 on their new version.

Finally, the CBI T-Case skid provides a bracket that mounts to the top crossmember providing even more strength over the OEM skid.

Find it online: 

  • CBI Steel T-Case Skid Plate (2022+ Ford Bronco): Check Price

Note: On CBI’s website, it says this product is not compatible with the electronic sway bar disconnect, however, it is compatible. We have test-fitted the plate and confirmed it is compatible with sway bar disconnect Broncos.


CBI T-Case Skid Overview

Here’s a look at the skid plate, crossmember bracket, and all hardware.


Factory Skid Vs. CBI

Here’s a look at the OEM skid plate vs the CBI skid. The CBI skid is larger, thicker, and provides a a mounting point on three sides compared to the factory skid at only two sides.

Step 1. Remove T-Case Skid

Remove T-Case Skid

The first step is removing the OEM skid plate with a 14mm socket.

Step 2. Remove Factory U-Nuts

Remove Nut Inserts

After the OEM skid is removed, you will see these two U-nuts inside the frame rail. Grab a set of needle nose pliers and work them out. Be careful not to knock them back inside the frame rail. If you do accidentally knock them down inside the frame rail, you can fish them out with a magnetic pickup tool.

Step 3. Position U-Nuts In Frame Rail

Position New Nut Inserts

CBI provides new U-bolts in their kit. Go ahead and position those back inside the frame rail in place of the OEM U-Nuts.

Step 4. Position U-Nut In Crossmember

Position Front Nut Insert

On the front crossmember there is an empty square opening. Position your U-Nut here.

Step 5. Locate Crossmember Bolt

Just above the exhaust is another crossmember. On that crossmember, there is an exposed stud. CBI provides a nut for this stud in order to attach the connecting mounting bracket.

Step 6. Position Skid Plate

Position Skid Plate

Once all your mounting points are located, balance the CBI skid on a floor jack and jack it up into place.

Step 7. Thread Frame Rail Bolts

Thread Frame Rail Bolts

Start by loosely threading down the first two bolts on the frame rail. Do not fully tighten these down yet.

Step 8. Thread Front Bolt

Thread Front Bolt

Locate the front U-nut on the crossmember and loosely thread down the third bolt.

Step 9. Position Bracket & Top Bolt

Position Bracket & Top Bolt

Now position the mounting bracket in place and then tighten it down with the provided CBI nut.

Step 10. Torque To Spec

Torque To Spec

Once all your bolts are in place, you can torque everything to spec. OEM spec of 35 ft./lbs.

Final Thoughts

CBI T-Case Skid Plate - Install & Review

The added surface area and the additional mounting point with the extended bracket on the crossmember will give you even more peace of mind when hitting the trail. Also, the increased thickness of 1/8″ over the factory skid plate (1/4″ total thickness) will be able to take much more abuse on the trail over time.

This is another quality skid plate offered for the 6th Gen Bronco from CBI Off-Road.

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