8-Piece Floor Mat & Cargo Mat Interior Protection Kit for the 6th Gen Bronco

Complete Floor Protection System for the 6th Gen Bronco – An All-Season Interior Protection Kit for your 6th-Gen Bronco by Xomzema

In this article, I’m going to show you how to protect the interior of your new 4-door Bronco with this full solution from Xomzema. This 8-piece interior protection kit includes full rubberized floor mats, a cargo area liner, and seat back protectors. They also have options for the 2-door Bronco and alternative pre-curated kits, if you don’t want to have all 8-pieces.

I’ll show you just how easy this kit is to install, the benefits of the kit, its durability, why I feel that it is a good all-around protection kit available, and what value for money this kit is to you.

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This is a quick installation and review video of the Xomzema interior protection kit.

If you find this video useful, I encourage you to head over to my YouTube channel where you’ll find more than 50 installation and product review videos for the 6th Gen Bronco. CUPRADESIGN


These front floor mats are fully sealed, with no chance of dirt, water, snow, or ice getting through onto the carpet. Some other brands like the Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners have mounting holes in them which allow water and dirt to penetrate the carpet (if you have carpet) or the plastic floorboard below the liners.

This version has no holes, yet in the same position as the OEM floor mats, there are clips that grab onto the OEM mounting positions, securing them in place. Made of a rubberized material, they are easy to hose out and keep clean and will continue to look good for years to come.


The rear floor mat is a single-piece unit, unlike the OEM rear mat(s), which continues the theme in the back of not allowing water, dirt, and debris to make its way through to the carpet.

And being one piece makes it easy to clean, remove any dirt and snow that may be on them, and keep your interior nice and clean.


In their infinite wisdom, Ford chose to make the back of the seats carpeted.

This means that when you have your furry friends in the back of the Bronco, or you’ve been a little overzealous in the mud and throw your gear back in the cargo area, the backs of the seats get covered in pet hair, or mud, dirt, and grime.

These Xomzema seat back protectors cover every square inch of the back of your Bronco’s rear seats and protect them from the elements, and the dreaded pet hair! Very simple to install, they attach to the seat backs with velcro, so remain very secure. They have cutouts to take into account the levers for folding your seats down, tie-downs, wheel arch cutouts, and then the two lower pieces seen in the image above cover the flap that goes between the cargo area and the seat backs.

Again, a durable rubberized material, easy to keep clean, wipe down, or even remove and hose off. The choice is yours!


And finally, the 8th piece of the 8-piece kit – the Cargo Area Liner. This is a high-lip, laser-scanned cargo liner that fills the back of the Bronco. This mat helps protect the cargo area from spills and dirt, and can be easily removed, and hosed down.

It has V-shaped notches in the side, so you can still lift the underfloor storage hatch, and it also has cutouts for the factory tie-downs if you so choose. It’s up to you whether you want to cut them out or not.


Overall this kit is comprehensive! It contains everything that you need to help protect the interior surfaces in your Bronco from the elements, in a cohesively designed, well-formed, and rubberized package.

I seriously would purchase the kit for the floor mats alone, they feel like they will contain more dirt and snow than the OEM ones and clip in place without the need for holes in the mats.

I’m also a firm believer that rear seat protectors are a must to keep the seat backs nice, clean, and damage-free.

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