Front Bumper Trimming Non-Sasquatch Badlands Capable Bumper on 2021+ Ford Bronco

Front Bumper Trimming Plastics (Capable and Standard Bumper) on 6th Gen Bronco

Front Bumper Trimming for Clearing 37″ Tires on Non-Sasquatch Ford Bronco Standard and Capable Bumper

When you move up in tire size on a non-sasquatch Bronco, there are some items you need to trim, cut, and remove.

The first thing you will notice is that there are two crash bars in the wheel well. Both of those need to be removed. You’ll also need to trim/cut back the factory rock sliders that come equipped on the Badlands edition. Depending on how large of tire size you run will determine whether or not you’ll need to do any fender liner trimming and/or removal.

In addition to the fender well, and sliders, you’ll also need to trim the front bumper. The Bronco is equipped with three types of bumpers; standard, capable, and modular. If you have the standard or capable bumper, this post will apply to your build.

Trimming the plastics is a simple process that takes 20min to 45min depending on your experience.


Tools Needed

Where To Start?

Tire clearance for 37" Tires

Start by testing your tire clearance and check to see how much your tires are rubbing. Have someone cock your wheels/tires back and forth on flat ground, and while reversing until you notice where the tires rub. Our 37″ tires were slightly clipping the front plastic while reversing and turning so we marked it and then removed the plastic bumper trim caps that bolt to the backside of the bumper.

Step 1. Remove Plastic Trim

Start by removing the plastic end cap bolts. There are a series of 8mm on both sides of the bumper. On the driver’s side, there are a couple of electrical harness clips, you also need to disconnect this harness so that the end cap plastic can drop out.

Once all the bolts are off, you can pull the end caps off.

Step 2. Tape Cut Lines

Start to get an idea of the cut you want to make by positioning your end cap on and off while envisioning a cut. Once you’re happy with your preferred line, tape off your cut line. I decided on the curve because a straight line just didn’t look right in my opinion. The curve is a little bit more challenging but it looks better, in my opinion.

Step 4. Multi-Tool Cuts

I made the first series of cuts with a multi-tool along the factory bumper line from the inside of the bumper out. There is a crevis on the plastic that allows the multi-tool an easy guide for quick and straight cutting. Follow this crevis along the bottom and side of the bumper plastic until the outside edge has been removed.

Step 5. Sand Paper or File

After the rough cuts have been made, you can take a file to the edge or sandpaper in order to remove the large loose ends of the plastic.

Step 6. Dremel

For the curve along the top of the bumper plastic, I used a Dremel with a double-cut carbide rotary burr bit. These bits allow me to easily dig into the plastic that creates a smooth line – all while not allowing the hot plastic to cake up on the bit.

Step 7. Razor Blade

For the final trim, I take a sharp razor blade to all the edges for a smooth finish.

Step 8. Test-Fit

Once your fender plastic has been cut back, reposition them into place and re-install them.

Admire Your Cuts

Take a step back and admire all your hard work.

Final Thoughts

Clearing 37" Tires on 6th Gen Bronco - Non Sasquatch

This is a super easy series of cuts that can be made in under an hour. We’re only going to run this bumper for a few months until our True North bumper arrives. Until then, we wanted our 37s to fully clear on the road while in forward and reverse at full lock.

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7 months ago

Did you consider leaving the plastic caps off entirely? If so was it a visual or functional reason for keeping them on and trimming then instead?

1 year ago

FYI, if you have a Modular Steel Front Bumper, obviously the End Caps are removable, but if you want to keep the End Caps on, the Raptor End Caps are already trimmed to 37″ tires and will bolt on to a regular Modular Front Bumper. It also comes with the brackets to attach the Rigid Fog Lamps or your own setup. This way you don’t need to be cutting that thick steel and worry about repowdercoating them!

Last edited 1 year ago by typhoon5000