Rear Seat Back Cover Protector for 6th Gen Ford Bronco – Install & Review

Rear Bench Seat - Back Cover Protector

Prevent Pet Hair, and Dirt Debris from Collecting on Your Back Seats with These Rear Seat Back Cover Protectors

Installing rear seat back covers in your Bronco can help protect your seats and maintain the interior of your vehicle. These liners will prevent pet hair build-up, dirt, grime, and general debris build-up on the carpet. They also help to prevent potential damage from heavier items like tools, and recovery gear bags hitting the plastics on the back seats. When your rear seats are folded down and you throw stuff in the back, the plastics around factory anchor points are prone to scratching and damage. These liners prevent gear, tools, and storage boxes from hitting them directly.

The installation process couldn’t get any easier. You literally stick them onto the back of your seats and you’re done. For the price and what it provides, this is a no-brainer mod.

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  • FT Customs Rear Seat Back Cover Protectors: Check Price

Product Overview

Rear Seat Back Covers for the 6th Gen Bronco

The FT Custom Seat Back cover is a rear seat back cover designed for the 2021-Current 4-Door Ford Bronco. It offers protection for the back of the seat. It’s designed to prevent stains, general wear, pet hair build, and general debris build-up. It’s also incredibly tailored to the Bronco’s rear seats. The fitment is very precise. The cover is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE tri-extruded composition) which is 100% odor-free, BPA Free, and environmentally friendly.

Step 1. Fold Down Back Seats

Fold Back Seats Down

In order to set these liners in place it’s easiest if you fold the rear seats down first.

Step 2. Position Large Cover

Position Large Cover

Go ahead and position the liners with the top of the seat line and then align it with the edge until it’s fully in place.

Step 3. Position Small Cover

Position Small Cover

For each side, you want to lift up the low carpet flap so that the main back seat covers tuck underneath the flap.

Step 4. Position Lower Plastics

Position Lower Plastics

Now position the lower liner on the flap.

Final Thoughts

Rear Bench Seat - Back Cover Protector

These seat back covers fit incredibly well over the backrest of the back seat in the Bronco.

Now we have a bit more peace of mind knowing they will provide protection against stains, wear, and pet-related damage. If you can’t stand dust debris and pet hair getting stuck in the carpet behind your seats, you will appreciate these liners.

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