Hood Strut Upgrade for the 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

Hood Strut Upgrade for 6th Gen Bronco

Redline Tuning QuickLIFT System – A Simple Hood Strut Upgrade Installation Guide for the 6th Gen Bronco

Hood support rods are a thing of the past, literally. The hood lift support rod was invented so long ago it was featured on one of the first model T fords in the 1900s. Why Ford… why are you still giving us manual hood lift support rods in 2022? Stop being cheap Ford and spend the extra $40 on a set of hood struts for all future bronco models, thank you.

My biggest gripe with these manual hood support rods is that they get in the way when working in the engine bay – especially near the battery which is right where the 6th Gen Bronco hood rod sits. Hood struts are so cheap and easy to install, it just blows me away that Ford doesn’t include them on all builds.

Not only will a hood strut upgrade on the Bronco improve the user experience when performing maintenance but it will also improve the functionality by making it easier to open and close the hood.

Find it online: 

  • Quicklift Hood Struts for 6th Gen Bronco: Check Price
  • This product is compatible with 2/4 door models and the Bronco sport. 

Step 1. Open & Support

Open & Support Hood

Prepare your kit and tools to install. It’s a pretty simple plug-and-play installation and can be done in about 30min tops. The hardest part is making sure you’re patient when pressing the struts into the ball studs.

Hood Strut Package Contents:

  • (2) Gas springs
  • (2) Hood blind-nut assemblies
  • (1) Fender bracket
  • (1) Fender bracket

In addition to the kit, you will need a shallow 13mm socket.

Step 2. Install Hood Ball Stud

Install Hood Ball Stud

Thread ball-stud into silver blind nut leaving 4-5 visible threads between it and the conical washer. Feed nut through the opening in the hood frame (2nd hole up from hood hinge assembly shown below), located on driver side mid-way up the hood’s frame. The retainer should be inserted vertically and slide upward in the opening. Be careful not to unthread the washer too far as it can drop into the backside of the hood causing you to use an extendable/telescoping magnet stick top pull the washer out.

Step 3. Tighten Ball Stud

Tighten Ball Stud

First, tighten the ball stud by hand (clockwise rotation) while lightly pulling on the conical washer to keep the silver nut from spinning. Then tighten the ball stud using a 13mm socket wrench. Repeat steps 3 (A-C) on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Step 4. Remove 13MM Fender Bolt

Remove 13MM Fender Bolt

Remove the bolt under the fender lip (front lower hinge assembly bolt) on the driver side with a 13mm socket wrench.

Step 5. Attach Bracket 36 (driver side)

Attach Bracket 36 (driver side)Attach Bracket 36 (driver side)

Attach bracket 36 on the driver’s side back in place – the ball stud will be aiming inward toward the engine. Repeat on the passenger side of the vehicle with bracket number 35.

Note: The wire harness on the Bronco might need to be pulled free during assembly for your installation. If it does, unclip the harness and then snap it back in once the bracket is installed. I was able to use a shallow socket with the harness where it was. The strut was clearing the harness just fine.

Step 6. Install Lower Gas Springs on the Lower Ball Stud

Install Lower Gas Springs on the Lower Ball Stud

The gas springs install with the large tube attached to the top or hood ball stud. The rod end attaches to the fender ball stud.

NOTE: The ORIENTATION MATTERS. The large body of the strut connects to the hood, and the extending rod connects to the lower fender for proper function.

NOTE: Carefully rock the gas spring socket over the ball stud with light pressure from the backside. This allows the c-clip inside the end-fitting to spread and wrap around the ball stud. If you force them on, you will bend the c-clip inward and will need to purchase another end-fitting. Do not force the socket on.

Be gentle and wiggle it back and fourth with medium pressure until the socket locks onto the ball.

Step 7. Install Upper Gas Springs on the Upper Ball Stud

Install Upper Gas Springs on the Upper Ball Stud

Firmly snap on the large end of the gas spring to the hood ball stud and rod extension to the bracket’s ball stud the same way you installed

Final Thoughts

Hood Struts Upgrade on 6th Gen Bronco

This is a really simple mod that doesn’t need much explaining.

Hood struts work much better than manual hood support rods unless, of course, they give out. For the most part, they make working on/around your engine bay more convenient.

This is something that should come standard on all 6th Gen Broncos. Not sure why Ford cheaped out on this one but this simple and affordable kit linked above will make your life more enjoyable.

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