Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners for the 6th Gen Bronco – Review & Overview

Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners for the 6th Gen Bronco - Review & Overview

Floor Mats or Floor Liners – What’s for you? Upgrading to The Husky Floor Liners on our 6th Gen 4-Door Badlands Bronco

The factory fabric floor mats that come in the Ford Bronco are small and provide little to no protection to the floorboard overall. In addition to the lack of protection, they get dirty fast and they’re hard to keep clean.

Instead of running a set of aftermarket rubber floor mats, we’re going to run a set of rubber floor liners.

Unlike traditional mats, liners are laser scanned to provide a larger footprint of protection and will contain larger amounts of debris and liquids. Liners are great for containing items such as snow, sand, rocks, water, and other common fallen objects from passengers in the cabin.

For good liner options, you can choose between Husky and Weather Tech along with many other white-label Amazon brands. Both are great brands, however, the Weather Techs in my Tacoma faded slightly and the edges curled in awkwardly. With that in mind,  I decided on the Husky Weatherbeater Series for our 6th Gen Bronco 4-door badlands.

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Factory Floor Mats

Factory Floor mats on the 4-door bronco

These mats slide around all over the back seat, they don’t contain spills or debris, and they stain easily.

All Season Protection

Upgraded Floor Liners mats on the 4-door bronco

The floor liners are stout and tough. The rubberized material is made to perform through all seasons including heavy snow melt, thick sand mounds, and gnarly mud clogs. Whatever season and/or debris you throw at the WeatherBeaters, they will hold up.

You can clearly see the defined lines and ribs in the floor liner. These are not only going to provide directional drainage to the center of the mat but also provide a cleat to kick stuck debris off your shoes or boots.

The protection footprint is increased by another 40-50% in that the liners now go farther out and continue up the transmission tunnel and over the kick panel. Not only do they stretch outward but they provide much more protection under the gas and brake pedal.

There’s no going back after having these installed. Very impressive.

Custom Fit

Upgraded Floor Liners mats on the 4-door bronco

The WeatherBeaters feature a FormFit Design process that perfectly forms the liners to the exact floor layout of your Bronco. The team at Husky uses lasers to scan the floorboard in order to provide an exact flush fitment. The Husky liners are offered for the 2-door and 4-door Broncos. Both options are going to provide extremely tight fitment all the way around.

The fitment in the front seat (driver and passenger) is very impressive. They easily snap into place on the Bronco’s quick snap buttons and the rest of the liner just falls into place.

very impressed at first glance after seeing the two-floor liners installed. They have an outstanding fitment.


Upgraded Floor Liners mats on the 4-door bronco

With the Husky Liners FormFit Edge(TM) you are sure to gain additional containment of snow melt, water, sand, mud, gravel, and much more.

The liners feature a kick panel lip that protects the Broncos floorboard from seeing any more spill than it has to.

Guaranteed for Life

Upgraded Floor Liners mats on the 4-door bronco

Husky says its liners are “guaranteed for life” and they mean it. No hassles, no guff. If you have a problem with your liners, Husky will replace them.

Final Thoughts

Great floor liners for the Bronco. I have run these exact floor liners in our 5th Gen 4Runner and they’ve been great.

Here is a photo of the factory liners vs. the Husky Liners. You can see how much larger and stronger the Husky liners are.

No brainer mod. Whether you buy Husky Liners or any other rubber floor liners, anything will be better than what’s provided by the factory.

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Ann Giacomelli
Ann Giacomelli
3 months ago

I’ve used Huskyliner Weatherbeaters in every car I’ve owned with the exception of coco mats in my VW Beetle in the late 70s. They are awesome and it’s the first accessory purchase I make when I change rides. Had them in my 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition which I just traded in for the Bronco 2dr Heritage Limited Edition. I put the Ford all weather mats in it that cane with it but my HuskyLiners are on order