LAMIN-X Light Cover Installation Guide for 6th Gen Bronco Headlights

Final Product

LAMIN-X Headlight Protection Film for 6th Gen Bronco Headlight Housings – Install Guide & What You Should Consider

Something like paint protection often goes overlooked in the sea of modifications on the market. Why spend the money there, when you could buy a rack, new wheels, or suspension? Well, there is a very good reason for you to invest in paint and lens protection.

Rocks being kicked up by other vehicles is all too common. These rocks, or other debris, can chip your paint and crack the headlight lenses on your rig. UV rays are also something that threatens the longevity of your lights, which can leave your lights yellow and dingy without care. Luckily, Lamin-X light covers are a perfect solution for both of these issues and have precut options for the 2021 and newer Bronco!

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Step 1. Clean your headlight

Prep Headlight

Lamin-x recommends you use a degreaser (like Dawn dish soap) and water. The purpose is to remove any oil that may be on the headlight. Be sure to clean off anything that may be stuck on the headlight, like tar or bugs. Any debris left on the headlight will cause bubbles or ripples in the film.

Rinse Headlight

Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfiber towel when you have ensured the headlight is clean of all oils and debris.

Step 2. Wet the headlight.

Spray headlight for Lamin-X application

Provided in the kit is a small spray bottle. Fill it with filtered water and spritz the headlight very lightly. You do not want water to bead down on the lens. The goal here is to make applying the film and moving it as needed a little easier.

Step 3.  Apply the film

Removing backing from Lamin-X Headlight cover

The headlight film is going to come in two pieces. One for the round portion of the light, and another for the running lights that go in to the center of the grill. I started with the headlight portion first. The easiest way I found, is it remove the backing of the top portion of the film and ensure it is lined up with the outline of the running light. Once you get that lined up, you can remove the rest of the backing and apply the bottom portion of the film.

When doing the final application, using a finger or thumb, start in the center and slowly work your way to the outer edge, pressing firmly with one hand and keeping tension on the film with the other. If you notice any imperfection (bubbles, ripples, haziness) peel the film up where the imperfection is and try to reapply it keeping tension on the film. This should resolve the issue, provided no debris got in between and headlight and the film.

Step 4. Final Step

Applying Protection Film on 6th Gen Bronco Headlights

Once you have the film placed where you would like it, run the provided card over the film to ensure all bubbles and water have been removed.

The last thing you will need to do is to take the razor that is provided in the kit, and remove the tabs that were used for the application process.

**Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the driving light portion of the headlight**

Final Thoughts

With such a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution to the problems introduced in the daily commute and off-road, the Lamin-X is a no-brainer for anyone and everyone. They have an extensive catalog of products for Broncos and all other cars as well, ranging from protective coverings like this headlight, but also aesthetic options which will be covered in another article.

Head on over to for more information and to your Bronco protected.

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