Lamix-X Side Marker Covers – Install & Review

6G Bronco With Smoked Side Marker Light Covers

Affordable & Subtle Way To Customize Your Side Markers

There are certain things on vehicles that are there because of federal law. Manufacturers have to comply with certain standards set by the United States government, in order for them to be sold. These requirements can, and most of the time do, have a negative impact on the overall look of the vehicle.

One such requirement is corner markers. Luckily in the aftermarket, we have options for altering these things while maintaining visibility and improving the look of the vehicle. Corner markers are orange, reflective strips on the side of your vehicle and in the case of the Bronco, they interrupt the lines that the designers at Ford intended. Well, Lamin-X has a solution for you.

Their marker cover light kit is designed to fit over the corner lights perfectly and darken them to within what is still legal. They offer several shades of gray and a red option. The smoked option makes them far less noticeable and, in my opinion, makes the Bronco look a little more aggressive since the bright orange is no longer seen. Here is what you need to do to apply your own set.

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Step 1. Clean & Prep

Cleaning Side Markers For Lamin-X

Lamin-x recommends you use a degreaser (like Dawn dish soap) and water. The purpose is to remove any oil that may be on the light. Be sure to clean off anything that may be stuck on, like tar or bugs. Any debris left on the light will cause bubbles or ripples in the film.

Prepping Marker Lights

Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfiber towel when you have ensured the headlight is clean of all oils and debris.

Step 2. Remove Backing

Installing Lamin-X Film On Bronco

For larger lights, especially ones with curvature like the headlights, you will need to spritz the light with a little bit of water to help the application. Since the corner marker is so small and flat, you do not need to wet it prior to the application of the film. If you choose to wet it, it will not hurt it one bit. Just be sure that you squeegee out all of the water from underneath.

Remove the backing layer.

Step 3. Apply Film

Lamin-X Smoked Corner Marker Light Film For 6G Bronco

I found that the easiest way to do this is to start with lining the upper corner of the film to the upper corner of the marker. Then, line up the long edge of the film to the long edge of the light. Be sure that the film completely covers the reflective portion of the marker.

When doing the final application, using a finger or thumb, start at the top and slowly work your way to the bottom, pressing firmly with one hand and keeping tension on the film with the other. If you notice any imperfection (bubbles, ripples, haziness) peel the film up where the imperfection is and try to reapply it keeping tension on the film. This should resolve the issue, provided no debris got in between.

Applying Lamin-X Corner Light Film

Once you have the film placed where you would like it, run the provided card over the film to ensure all bubbles and water have been removed.

Step 4. Cut Tabs

Trimming Lamin-X Film

The last thing you will need to do is to take the razor that is provided in the kit and remove the tabs that were used for the application process.

Repeat on the other side.

Final Thoughts

Lamin-X Smoked Light Cover

This is such a simple and cost-effective way to subtly improve the look of the Bronco, simultaneously protecting these lights from rock ships and UV rays that will cause fading on lights.

Lamin-X has an extensive catalog of products for Broncos and all other cars, ranging from protective coverings for headlights to aesthetic options like the smoked corner lights covered in this article. Head over to their site (linked above) and check them out!

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