Mabett Sunshade for 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

Mabett Sunshade for 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

Mabett Sunshade/Bimini Top for Four Door 6th Gen Bronco – Installation Guide and Review

Picture this: It’s a nice sunny day, not too hot to be uncomfortable but not too cold that warrants outerwear. You’ve decided to remove the soft top on your 6th Gen Bronco to enjoy this perfect weather. As you’re driving on a picturesque trail listening to the wind blow on the leaves, some small branches, dried leaves, and other debris start to fill the interior of the vehicle. That once calm feeling quickly turns to annoyance.

Whether you have a soft top or a hard top on your 6th Gen Bronco, the chances of opening the roof are very high once the weather gets warmer. However, one of the issues (albeit, a minor issue) with having the top off is that it opens up the possibility for unwanted items to enter the vehicle from the open roof.

One simple and inexpensive way to combat this problem is installing a sunshade, sometimes referred to as a Bimini top. Typically made out of a durable mesh material, sunshades not only prevent any type of debris from entering the vehicle and ruining the ride, but they also provide shade (hence the name) for the occupants from direct sunlight.

This can also be permanently installed. No need to remove the sunshade when you decide to close the roof.

While there are many options in the market from various manufacturers ranging at different price points, we have chosen to install the sunshade from Mabett. Their products are readily available on their Amazon storefront.

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Tools & Materials

  • This accessory requires no tools, but these materials are optional:
  • Protective Tape
  • Double-sided velcro tape

Installation Overview

Total installation time should be 30-40 minutes. The package from Mabett comes with the following:

  • Sunshade with straps and front two (2) clips attached
  • Six (6) Additional Clips
  • Installation Guide

Step 1: Open Soft Top to 2nd Position

This is the most crucial step in this process. It is not enough to open the roof to the first position because the straps in the rear will need to be buckled to the rear roll bar, which is not exposed at the first position.

Step 2: Identify Front and Rear of Sunshade

As mentioned above, the REAR of the sunshade has the attached long straps, while the FRONT has magnets on each corner. These magnets are designed to stick to the frame and prevent the corners from flipping up.

Step 3: Attach Front Clips to Designated Holes

One of the aspects liked about this sunshade option is that it utilizes the holes and grooves that are already built into the vehicle.

Simply attach the two front clips to the holes located on the front end of the roof – above the aux switches (or sunglass holder). Press the corner magnets onto the frame. (Note: the magnets will likely detach themselves (which is ok) as you work on attaching each side of the sunshade.

Optional Step: Place a velcro dot or small velcro strip on each area to ensure the front portion of the sunshade stays closed and prevents it from folding up while driving.

Step 4: Attach the First Clip to the Roof Frame

Locate the first hole on the side roof frame. Loop the velcro strap into one of the provided clips and attach it to the frame. Make sure to utilize the circular hole on the SIDE of the frame and not the top hole as pictured above.

Repeat the step on the other side of the roof frame. Tighten the velcro straps.

Optional Step: Apply a strip of protective tape (ie. 3M) on the frame before attaching the clip for added frame protection.

Step 5: Attach Second and Third Clips to Frame

Locate the 2nd and 3rd holes on the roof frame. Unlike the first hole, this is a thinly shaped hole on TOP of the frame. Loop the velcro strap into the provided clips and attach it to the frame.

Repeat this step on the other side of the frame. Tighten the velcro straps.

Optional Step: Cut a piece of protective tap (e. 3M) and place it on top of the hole for added frame protection.

Step 6: Attach the Corner Strap

Make sure to lengthen the strap of the male buckle by loosening the velcro. This will allow more slack for you to attach the male and female ends. Once buckles are attached, tighten the velcro strap.

Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 7: Attach the Rear Buckles

Again, adjust the velcro to allow more slack while you attach the male and female ends of the buckle. Tighten the velcro straps to ensure the sunshade has the desired tightness.

Optional Step: For added frame protections, cut four (4) strips of protective tape and stick them on the rear roof frame where the straps make contact.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Mabett sunshade for the 6th Gen Bronco does the job it is designed to do: prevent debris from entering the vehicle.

This option is favored (IAG Offroad also provides a similar option) versus others seen in the market because it provides almost full coverage at the front end. Other options have a noticeable 4-5 inch gap at the front end or have a cutout around the roof lock levers. Because of the magnets at the front corners of the sunshade, you can simply detach the corners when locking the soft top back in place.

However, despite the almost full coverage, the front end will have the tendency to flip up when going at highway speeds. You simply cannot combat the laws of motion. You can remedy this by (strategically) attaching double-sided velcro tape if desired.

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26 days ago

My sunshade doesn’t have magnets on the front corner. There is a hook on either side, and I’m not sure why it hooks into.