DDI Molle Panel Phone Mount for the 6th Gen Ford Bronco – Install & Review

MOLLE Panel Phone Mount for the 6th Gen Bronco

Dash Mounted Molle Panel for the 6th Gen Bronco – Best for Phone Mounts, Tablets, Comms & Much More

One of the reasons I love the 6th Gen Bronco is that the platform has so many accessory bolt locations. There are pre-threaded bolt holes literally everywhere for accessories and gear. This platform is incredibly simple to modify and this dash mount modification might just be the easiest one on the Bronco.

On the dash of your Bronco, there is a center accessory mounting point that allows you to mount whatever you want. You can mount anything from a simple bolt-on phone mount or table mount to a full-width MOLLE panel system with ram-mounts galore. Regardless of what you mount on the dash of your Bronco, you have an overwhelming amount of options.

Today we’re bolting on the Desert Does It Dash Molle Panel. It’s a very simple one-piece steel design with spacers on the underside corners towards the windshield to add some structural rigidity. The panel has a very unique design in that it’s made of ribbed slots that run diagonally along the panel. This is a very cool design because you can slide your accessory mounts around until it’s perfectly placed for your needs. Also featured on the panel are pre-threaded holes (1/4″-20 standard for all RAM mounts) so that you can simply thread on your favorite accessories.

I’ve been a huge fan of all the DDI stuff for years. They make well-thought-out, over-engineered products that last the life of your vehicle. I am really happy with this dash panel and can’t wait to accessorize it with Honda Garage mounts, RAM mounts, Off-Road Phone Mounts, Comms, and much more.

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Product Overview

MOLLE Panel Phone Mount for the 6th Gen Bronco

The kit comes with the panel, hardware, and spacers.

Step 1. Assemble Rubber Spacers (4mm Allen)

MOLLE Panel Phone Mount for the 6th Gen Bronco

Mount the rubber support spacers on the backside of the panel with the provided hardware.

Step 2. Install Dash Mount (4mm Allen)

MOLLE Panel Phone Mount for the 6th Gen Bronco

Use your 4mm Allen head to tighten down the panel.

Phone Mount on MOLLE Panel

Final: Phone Mount Mounted on MOLLE Panel

Here is a look from the passenger side at the mount with a Hondo Garage Phone Mount connected to some RAM mounts.

Horizontal View

Phone Mount Horizontal View

Horizontal view of the Hondo Garage Phone mount.

Vertical View

Vertical Phone Mount (Behind Driver)

Hondo Garage Mount with short socket arm from RAM mounts.

Off-Roam Mount + Hondo Garage Mount

Off-Roam Mount + Hondo Garage Mount

Here is a shot of both mounts on the MOLLE panel. The Off-Roam mount is connected to an Off-Roam arm and ICS Fab base.

There is probably room for a couple more on there. Three mounts would fit comfortably, and 4 mounts would start getting tight.

Final Thoughts

Phone Mount Side View

This dash-mounted MOLLE panel is perfect for a phone mount, small tablet mount, overland communication mounts (GMRS, HAM, Etc.), and anything else you can throw at it. Sitting at only $49, the price point is unbeatable when it comes to other phone mount and MOLLE mount systems on the market.

The way the MOLLE is slotted and drilled in addition to having multiple threaded 1/4″-20 (standard for all RAM mounts) is perfect for dialing in your exact mounting position. This panel is a great fit for anyone looking to add a universal plate on the dash of their 6th-Gen Bronco. I’ve been a big fan of all the DDI products in the past and this one is no exception.

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