6th Gen Bronco Pedal Commander Review – Improve Throttle Lag

Pedal Commander for 6th Gen Bronco

How to Reduce Throttle Lag and Improve Pedal Response with a Throttle Response Controller on the Bronco

One of the easiest, most impressive mods on my last overland build was the Pedal Commander. I installed one of these 4-5 years ago and was blown away at how much it changed my driving experience.

Three words… SO MUCH FUN!!

Plain and simple, a throttle response controller is a lot of fun! You can change the boring throttle response into a “HOLT SHIT; this Bronco just came alive“!! If you want your eyes to light up when you hit the gas pedal, this mod is for you.

After buying this new Bronco, I knew the Pedal Commander was at the top of the list, but I didn’t realize how badly the Bronco needed it.

There are many different throttle response controllers on the market. However, Pedal Commander remains at the top. Pedal Commander is made in Turkey and has been around since 2010. They continue to be the leader in the throttle response controller market.

Find it online: 

Features & Benefits

Pedal Commander for 6th Gen Bronco


  • Increase throttle response
  • Decrease throttle response
  • The control module provides many settings
  • Bluetooth app


  • Easy to Install
  • Won’t void factory warranty
  • Great for exhaust mods
  • Great for intake mods
  • Eco modes will increase MPGs
  • Sport modes are very fun!

The main benefit to me is being able to control the throttle response on the fly when off-road. When I’m in between no throttle and hammering down when coming out of a corner, it’s nice to have instant throttle available.

What is a Throttle Response Controller?

Pedal Commander for 6th Gen Bronco

Throttle Response Controllers are designed to improve your driving experience by reducing the “lag” or “delay” in your gas pedal sensitivity.

From the factory, automotive manufacturers will integrate a throttle lag in the ECU so that your gas pedal is not so sensitive.

After installing a throttle response controller, you can effectively eliminate that throttle lag and feel the power faster. Furthermore, these controllers will allow you to control settings through many sensitivity increments. The Pedal Commander, for example, has four modes and 36 presets.

Throttle controllers will not increase horsepower, and they won’t change shift points within your transmission. However, they will provide a much more enjoyable driving experience. After installing one of these units, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get to speed compared to stock.

Problem with the Bronco?

The Bronco has a really strange pedal lag. The throttle response from 1st to 2nd gear is incredibly slow, non-responsive, and somewhat awkward. It’s almost like Ford purposely made the connection well over 1-2 seconds long. However, once you get to 2nd gear, the Bronco picks it up, and then shift from 2nd to 3rd is relatively quick.

The main benefit of a throttle controller is that you can instantly feel the power in your Bronco. The minute you put your foot on the gas pedal, BOOM, you feel the response. There is zero lag.

That’s what you get from a Pedal Commander, an incredible feeling and an improved driving experience overall. All of the slow, non-responsive, and somewhat awkward pedal lag is no longer present with the Pedal Commander. If you want to feel like you’re in control of your Bronco, grab a Pedal Commander and experience what your pedal is supposed to feel like.

Without any more, let’s jump into the installation.

Step 1. Drop Wires Behind Steering Column

Drop Wires Behind Steering Column

Start by feeding the wires under the steering wheel and along the steering column.

Step 2. Pull Wires Down

Locate Wires

Feed the wires down and out the backside of the steering column plastics and pull all the slack out.

Step 3. Note Correct Harness Connections

Note Correct Harness Connections

Note the connectors for installation.

The connecter with the red push clip inserts into the gas pedal clip.

The other connector clips into the connector that was clipped into the gas pedal.

Step 4. Locate Gas Pedal Harness

Locate Gas Pedal Connector

Locate the gas pedal fly by wire harness and unclip the connector by depressing the red tab and pulling it straight out.

Once the connector is off, you can reinstall the Pedal Commander harness in its place. Don’t forget to push in the red clip on the Pedal Commander connector for the harness to stay on.

Step 5. Zip Tie Harness

Zip Tie Harness

After you have connected both harnesses, you can zip-tie everything down. There is a perfect slot on the HVAC duct that allows for the majority of the harness to be zipped. I used two zip ties on the pedal side to ensure the plastic connector does not slide out.

Step 6. Mount Pedal Commander on Dash

Mount Pedal Commander on Dash

At this point, all you need to do is find a mounting location for your Pedal Commander. You will receive a hook and loop adhesive in your package that allows you to 3M-tape the unit to your dash.

Step 7. Adjust Settings

Pedal Commander for 6th Gen Bronco

Once you have settled on a spot, start up your Bronco and go test the settings.

Final Thoughts

Mind = Blown!!

The main question here… do you want to have more fun driving your Bronco? If the answer is yes, you need the Pedal Commander.

This unit is freaking amazing! After you install the PC, you will love your Bronco even more. The response on the gas pedal is almost instant, and the time lag from 1st to 2nd gear is almost non-existent. I run the PC at Sport+, and it seems to be a good option for how I drive. The Sport+ setting is not going to save on gas, but it will make your drive around town and on the highway much more exciting.

I have not run the PC in ECO mode other than around the block to test it out. ECO mode is pretty boring, but it’s always an option if you want to save on gas.

Regardless, I am glad I have one of these on the Bronco. Such an awesome easy mod.

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