Top 5 Features That Should Be Standard on the 6th Gen Ford Bronco

Top 5 Features That Should Be Standard on the 6th Gen Ford Bronco

Here are the Top 5 Features I Wish Came Standard on All 6th Gen Ford Bronco Trim Levels

It’s 2022 Ford, get with the program and make all these features standard on all trim levels moving forward. Coming from the 5th Gen 4Runner, I thought that anything would be better in the tech-forward and creature comfort department but no… and that’s saying something. For reference, my 2016 Trail Edition Premium 4Runner had all these features below and on most 4Runner SR5 base models, a lot of this stuff is standard as well.

1. Tow Package

Missing Tow Package on 6th Gen Bronco

In no world should a mid-size SUV that’s a cousin of the Ford Raptor and Ford F150 in a 4WD drivetrain come without a tow package. Instead of a tow package standard, the Ford Bronco comes equipped with recovery points. Granted you get two recovery points (factory tie-down points) on the driver and passenger side but these aren’t going to allow you to tow anything or run aftermarket hitch receiver mods.

There are many aftermarket 2″ hitch receiver mods that make mods and exploring much easier. For example, you have hitch receiver recovery points like the Factor55 Hitchlink, the Agency6 Shackle Blocks, DRT Fab hitch skids, 4122 Hitch Skids, and many other recovery accessories and gear.

On top of recovery points, you have hitch-mounted tire carriers like the RIGd UltraSwing and the Wilco Offroad. These tire carriers allow you to carry a larger tire, drop a camp table, and carry many aftermarket overland accessories like Maxtrax, Jerry Cans, light mounts, along with many other recovery items.

These mods are essential for many off-road drivers and overlanders alike. Without a tow package, you lose the ability to run so many aftermarket mods that makes off-roading and overlanding enjoyable, your rig more capable, and recoveries much easier.

On top of all this, you can’t tow anything. No overland trailers, no boat, no side-by-sides, no U-Haul trailer, nothing, This is honestly one of the biggest letdowns of a brand new 2022 $70K truck designed for adventure and fun. Without a tow package, you’re really limiting the fun factor.

I appreciate the recovery points on the driver and passenger side but Ford should do better and include a tow package standard on all trim levels from here on out.

2. Heated Seats

No Heated Seats in the 6th Gen Bronco

This topic is debatable but again, it’s 2022, and Ford needs to get with the times. In the most basic “premium” package of a 2014 4Runner, you get heated seats. Jeep JKs had heated seats dating back to 2011. Tacomas even have heated seats now. I understand this is an off-road platform and the majority of people aren’t buying the 6th Gen Bronco for heated seats, but for $60k – $70k – this should come standard all on trim levels.

3. Electronic Adjustable Seats

No Electronic Adjustable Seats on 6th Gen Bronco?

Manual seats in 2022 and even moving into 2023? How much money are you trying to save here Ford? I can see why Ford would have potentially trimmed down the electronics for the use case of cleaning off the entire floorboard with a hose without damaging electronics, but these engineers are paid to figure out how to make creature comforts make sense all the way around while saving on costs. Manual seats are a pain in the ass and should be left with the 2nd Gen Tacomas of the past.

4. Hood Struts

Hood Struts Upgrade on 6th Gen Bronco

This one really gets me.

You can literally buy cheap hood struts for the 6th Gen Bronco for around $50 on Amazon. In what world does Ford need to save $50 on hood struts? I guess in 2022 that’s still their narrative.. save, save, and save. This is absolutely a mod/feature that should come standard on all trim levels regardless of package. No one should be reaching up with a metal stick to hold up a 70lb hood anymore. This one is laughable. Get it together Ford.

5. Remote Start

Missing Remote Start on 6th Gen Bronco

The remote start would be nice, but I understand why this one is not offered on all models. They need to differentiate each trim level to make some of the builds on the lot a little more desirable. Car salesman needs a few features here and there to convince you to spend that extra $5k markup on, and that’s where they get you with remote start. The real challenge though is that remote start is a simple technology, not a large fixed cost like some other add-ons, and can have a huge impact on most daily drivers who live in cold/wt climates. For this reason, remote start should come standard on all trim levels for the 6th Gen Bronco.

Final Thoughts

6th Gen Ford Bronco Grille

The new Ford Bronco is missing quite a few features at its price point of $60k – $70k. For that amount of money, I think all these features should come standard. After a week in the Bronco, it’s a little disappointing that my 10-year-old 4Runner has more to offer and can be purchased for around $35k –  $40k.

With all that said though I bought this Bronco for its off-road features – and not the reasons mentioned above. We should have a post dropping soon on the off-road features and why we bought the Bronco.

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