Under Seat Molle Panel for the 6th Gen Bronco – The DDI Multi Mount

Under Seat Molle Panel for the 6th Gen Bronco

Introducing the Desert Does It (DDI) Multi Mount MOLLE Panel For the 6th Gen Bronco – Mounting Gear Under Your Seat Has Never Been Easier

Having quick access to gear and accessories under your seat is key. From self-defense to a fire extinguisher to something simple like a molle pouch – having under-seat quick access can make your automotive driving experience much more convenient. Some of the more common tools you need quick access to include small flashlights, handguns, knives, multi-tools, magnetized gear, molle pouches, and more. I have seen some guys even mount footwell LED lights on their under-seat mounted panels. Regardless of what you mount on your panels, you have plenty of options to get creative.

The DDI panels have a unique slotted honeycomb design that features both holes for bolts and slots for straps. The design allows you to bolt or strap just about anything you can think of through the MMP. You can use something simple like #10-24 bolts, nuts, and washers or MOLLE-specific gear from a company like 5.11 tactical.

Whatever you decide to mount on your panels, rest assured that DDI makes some of the highest-quality panels in the industry.

The DDI seat-mounted molle panels are also compatible with their Seat Jackers, a seat adjustment spacer that increases ride height and driver comfort.

Find it online: 

Step 1. Pop Seat Caps 

Pop Cap on Seat Plastics

Here is that cap that popped up.

Step 2. Remove Front 13mm Bolts

Remove 13mm Bolt

Start with a manual ratchet driver to break the 13mm loose.

Step 3. Loosen the Rear Seat Bolts

Remove 13mm Bolt (Rear Seat Mount)

Break the rear bolts loose by only 5-7 turns but do not remove them entirely.

Step 4. Lift Front Seat

Lift Front of Seat

Prop the front seats up.

Step 5. Seat Jackers

Seat Height Adjustment Spacer for 6th Gen Bronco

If you decided to install the Seat Jacker seat spacers then this step will apply to you. Reference that post for more information on this section.

Step 6. Replace Plastic Caps

Replace Plastic Caps

Replace the plastic trim caps.

Step 7. Prep MOLLE Mount Brackets

Prep MOLLE Mount Brackets

Unpack and prepare your MOLLE panel brackets.

Step 8. Apply Loctite (Blue)

Apply Loctite (Blue)

Apply a small amount of blue Loctite.

Step 9. Install Brackets & MOLLE Panel

Install Brackets

Mount your MOLLE panel onto the brackets.

Side View

Seat MOLLE Panel Mount 6th Gen Bronco

Here is a side profile look at how the MOLLE panel sits.

Final Thoughts

Under Seat Molle Panel for the 6th Gen Bronco

Killer product! I will update the post/photos soon after I outfit the panel. I have these on the driver and passenger side now so I have quite a few options. Some of the accessories I plan on mounting include a flashlight, a small MOLLE pouch, Element Fire Extinguisher, and potentially a Midland or Boafeng mount. So many options for keeping things organized.

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3 months ago

I plan to install the multi mount on my 2d Bronco for a pistol holster. I’m concerned it will prevent the seat from sliding forward, which is needed to access the rear seats. Thoughts?