6th Gen Bronco Antenna Upgrade & Replacement

6th Gen Bronco Antenna Upgrade & Replacement

How to Remove and Upgrade the Antenna on the 6th Generation Bronco – Stubby Antenna Upgrade

The factory antenna on the Bronco reminds me of something that I had on my 2nd Gen Tacoma.

It’s outdated, whips around in the wind, gets hung up on branches when off-roading, and just looks like an eyesore. Furthermore, I don’t use the AM/FM radio much anymore anyway so even if we simply deleted the antenna with a screw-on cap, I wouldn’t be affected by it that much.

On the off chance that I do listen to the radio, it would be nice to have some type of service which is why we’re going with the Stubby Antenna replacement. The Stubby Antenna has been around for almost a decade now and we’ve installed it on our 2nd Gen Tacoma in the past and had great results. The service is good, but nothing like the factory Antenna. If you rely on the antenna for AM/FM on a regular basis, I would not recommend installing an aftermarket antenna because all of them lack the performance that comes with a factory antenna.

If you want to replace the antenna on the Bronco, It’s incredibly simple and can be done without the use of tools depending on how tight your antenna is threaded on.

Find it online: 

Remove Factory Antenna

Remove Factory Antenna

Start by locating the antenna on the passenger side of the Bronco. It’s mounted near the A-Pillar. Use a wrench or pliers if needed to loosen the base that holds the antenna in place. I was able to remove the antenna with my hands. Be careful not to strip the base. Pull the antenna out of the mount. If it is stuck, you can gently wiggle it back and forth to loosen it. Save for later if you ever decide to go back to the factory antenna.

Install new Stubby

Install new Stubby Antenna

Take the new Stubby antenna and insert it into the mount, making sure it is fully seated.

Tighten Stubby

Tighten Stubby

Tighten the new antenna using your hands. Make sure it is tightened securely, but be careful not to overtighten and strip the nut. Test the new antenna to make sure it is functioning properly.

Final Thoughts

The Stubby Antenna Replacement on 6th Gen Ford Bronco

That’s it! Replacing a stubby antenna is a quick and easy process that can be done with just a few tools.

Here is a wide-out shot of the Bronco with the before and after look.


Factory Antenna


Aftermarket Stubby Antenna

Final Sunset Shot

Antenna Replacement 6th Gen Bronco

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