Agency 6 Bronze Winch Shackle – Review & Overview

Agency6 Bronze Winch Shackle - Review & Overview

Agency6 USA-Made Bronze Billet Aluminum Winch Shackle: Field Serviceable Winch Attachment Made From US Certified 6061 T6 CNC Machined Aluminum

We just installed our True North Fabrications front bumper and needed a good winch shackle to replace the factory 3/8 clevis slip hook that comes on the Smittybilt X20. I think we all know by now that closed system or closed loop winch rigging is better than open hooks but if you’re unfamiliar with why, I’ll give you the rundown.

Closed system or closed loop winching is often achieved by using a synthetic winch rope coupled with a thimble or shackle with closed rigging points. Once the pin in the shackle is screwed into place, the whole system is a closed loop. This provides a number of benefits over rigging setups that leaves connection points open. To start, these rigging setups ensure the highest level of safety by reducing the risk of unexpected releases – which can result in rigging equipment damaging vehicles or worse, killing someone.

This style of rigging also distributes loads more evenly and adapts to various anchor points. Closed systems mitigate common hazards found in 3/8 clevis slip hooks related to snagging and potential recoil incidents. At the end of the day, closed-loop shackles offer safer, more universal, and more efficient winching operations compared to conventional winch hooks.

High-Quality USA-Made

High-Quality USA-Made

The Agency6 Winch Shackle is a high-quality USA-made billet aluminum shackle designed by a team of engineers and people who wheel. It features a working load limit of 19,000 lbs. You can expect it to keep its color even if you leave it out in the elements thanks to the UV and abrasion-resistant coating. The installation is incredibly simple, just remove a couple of allen head bolts, and pull the 17-4 hardened stainless pin in order to insert your synthetic rope eyelet. Once you slide your eyelet into the shackle, drop the pin back in place and screw down the bolts.

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Step 1. Remove Winch Shackle Cover

Remove Winch Shackle Cover

Agency 6 makes it easy by providing a winch shackle pin cover that can be removed using two allen head bolts. Go ahead and remove those two bolts to get the pin out.

Step 2. Slide Out The Pin

Slide Out The Pin

Once the cover is off, you can remove the shackle pin cover and slide the pin out.

Step 3. Hook Up Your Winch Cable

Hook Up Your Winch Cable

Once your pin is out of the shackle, slide your synthetic rope eyelet into place, slide in your pin, and then put on your pin cover. In order to prepare our synthetic rope eyelet, we had to cut our Smittybilt winch hook with a grinder. After you cut off the provided winch hook on your winch, all you should have left on the end is the synthetic rope eyelet.

Step 4. Suck Down Winch Cable & Shackle

Suck Down Winch Cable & Shackle

Now, just turn on your winch, and pull the winch shackle into place against the provided rubber feet on the backside of the winch shackle.

Final Thoughts

Agency 6 Bronze Billet Winch Shackle

Agency 6 provides USA-made recovery products, gear, and mods for the Bronco and many other platforms. They have a unique design unlike any other parts/product offerings on the market and the color options they offer are pretty impressive too.

We’ve been using them for years. None of their products have failed over the last 5+ years.

I am 100% confident in their recovery products, winch shackles, fairleads, and all their other products.

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