6th Gen Bronco Central Console Grab Handle MOLLE Panel – Install & Review

Central Console Grab Handle MOLLE Panel 6th Gen Ford Bronco

How to Install and Accessorize a Central Console Grab Handle MOLLE Panel on 6th Gen Ford Bronco

If you have the center console grab handle in your 6th Gen Bronco, this mod is for you. And, even if you don’t have the center console grab handle installed from the factory, you can buy one of these. You can opt for just the MOLLE panel or you can buy a new grab handle and the MOLLE panel at the same time. CJ Pony Parts sells multiple color options (black, grey, and classic orange) for less than $100.

There are many mods you can do for your center console’s handle points such as zipper-style storage bag organizers, saddle tray organizers, MOLLE panel bridges with mounts, pouches, pockets, and even loosely fitted affordable mesh bags.

These two easily accessible Torx head bolts make removing the handle and adding just about any mod incredibly simple. For our setup, we’re going to bolt on a single MOLLE panel to start. MOLLE panels give the interior a more aggressive look instead of a mesh pocket and they offer a bit more functionality for quick access every day carry like knives, flashlights, pens, fire extinguishers, magnetized accessories, and much more.

Find it online: 

  • 6th Gen Bronco Console MOLLE Panel: Check Price
  • R4T MOLLE Mounts: Check Price
    • Size: 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″
  • CJ Pony Parts Grab Handle (multiple colors): Check Price

Product Package & Overview

The product was shipped and packaged very well. The panel itself was wrapped in bubble wrap and the hardware came in its own bag along with tools for the installation except for the T30 Torx bit needed. It shipped from Amazon so it only took about 2-3 days. The quality of the panel is actually really nice. I was surprised because the price is somewhat low for what it is. Most aftermarket name-brand panels like this range from $80 – $200+ depending on the configuration. All in all, for $49, it’s a cool little panel.

1. Locate Handle & Mount Points

You may or may not have the grab handle installed on Bronco but the installation guide should be the same either way.

2. Remove Handle Torx (T30) Bolts

For removing the bolts, I used a T30 Torx bit. Save your bolts for later as you may go back to your stock build.

3. Remove Plastic Bolt Cover

Remove the plastic trim cover with a set of plastic pry tools. If you don’t have pry tools yet, I highly recommend them. You will use them on many installs for the Bronco. And for reference, here is a photo of the backside of that cap so you know where to pry. Save your plastic cap for later as you may go back to your stock build.

4. Remove Bolt (8mm)

Once you remove the plastic cap, you will uncover an 8mm bolt. Remove that bolt. Save your bolt as you may go back to your stock build.

5. Note Lips on MOLLE Panel

Notice the bottom lips on the MOLLE Panel? Those tuck underneath the plastic first before fitting the panel in place on the handle bolts and inner foot well bolt.

6. Install the Panel

Here is a breakdown of how you position the MOLLE panel to the console and what bolts are installed first.

Start with the lip on the molle panel first and tuck that underneath the plastics. Then move to the first handle bolt position and loosely thread that into place. Proceed to number 3 in the footwell and loosely thread that into place. Lastly, thread on the last bolt and then continue to tighten all the bolts until everything is snug. Do not over-tighten any of these bolts. You don’t want to strip any of these bolt locations.

7. Mounting Gear & Accessories

Runnin 4 Tacos MOLLE Mounts

For installing accessories, you have a few options.

You can choose to use your own hardware from Home Depot or something. #10-24 bolts with nylon lock nuts and washers always work for MOLLE panels however, they’re kind of a pain to position behind the panel.

What works best for my needs are the Runnin4Tacos (R4T) MOLLE Mounts. They are a universal 1″ – 1.5″ fit MOLLE Panel accessory mounting system. The product is a one-piece plastic design with a nutsert in the center of the housing with an outer lip to catch the panel when the gear is secured in place. The edges of the MOLLE mount catch the edge of the panel and are secured in place using the provided bolt that R4T gives you. They are extremely strong and have not failed me once. I’ve used them for well over a year on multiple builds. Once you buy a few sets of these for your MOLLE panels, you’re never going back to Home Depot hardware again.

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