Ford Bronco Raptor “Ford” Grille for the 6th Gen Bronco – Install & Review

FORD Raptor Grille for 6th Gen Bronco - review and Install

6th Gen Bronco Ford Raptor “FORD” Grille Kit with Built-In LEDs and Wiring Harness – Full Install Guide & Review

If you like the look of the Bronco Raptor then the Bronco Raptor Grille with built-in LEDs is for you.

This is a super easy plug-and-play modification that will give your 6th-Gen Bronco the same front end that the Raptor has. Now pair it with a set of Bronco Raptor headlights from Alpharex with amber DRLs and you’re really on your way to that “Bronco Raptor look” from the front.

FORD Raptor Grille for 6th Gen Bronco - review and Install

We’ve been wanting to convert our Bronco Badlands grille over to the Raptor grille for a while now and we’re stoked to finally get this grille out of the box and installed on the Bronco.

Big shout out to Full Throttle Custom for providing the full kit. The shipping was super fast, the packaging was very secure and the box came with everything we needed and more for the installation.

Find it online: 

  • Full Throttle Customs: Full Kit W/ Built-In LEDs & Harness: Check Price

Raptor Grille Kit Overview

The kit comes with a very nicely finished grille all the way around, all the “FORD” letters, and built-in LED lights with the provided harness. The FORD letters are a dead-on match to the OE FORD grille letters found on the Raptor.

In the kit, you will find all the zip-ties, 3m zip-tie tie-down points, and hardware you need to attach the letters to the grille. The LED harness is a high-quality 20AWG stranded copper positive and negative lead with wire sheathing and appropriate connections for power and ground. The wiring harness also comes with a fuse tap with provided fuses if you want to tap a fuse for lighting while “on” or “ACC”. The kit really does come with everything you need to get the job done.

Step 1. Remove Radiator Cover

Remove Radiator Cover

Using two screwdrivers or a set of plastic pry tools, pop the push clips and remove all the plastic pieces. Then remove the radiator cover and set it to the side.

Step 2. Remove 10mm Bolts

Remove 10mm Bolts

Remove all four 10MM bolts holding the grille onto the cross support.

Step 3. Pull on Grille Clips

Remove Grille

At each corner of the grille, you’re going to pull straight out (aggressively if needed) until you pop each clip. Once you have each corner popped off, you can remove the whole grille. There are small clips with metal fasteners at each point. They can be especially difficult to yank out from each corner so the force is needed if they aren’t willing to simply pop out.

Step 4. Remove All Clips

Depending on how your grille came off, there may be quite a few metal clips left in each place. Remove them before reinstalling the new grille.

Step 5. Remove Plastic Grille Support

Remove the six T25 torx bolts holding the plastic grille support in place. Set the bolts and support to the side as you will use this for reinstallation.

Step 6. Apply New Metal Clips

Apply the provided clips onto the grille connection points.

Step 7. Connect Wiring Harness & Test Lights

Connect new wiring Harness

Connect the provided wiring harness and test the LEDs to ensure you have a working harness and LEDs.

Step 8. Run Wiring Harness on Grille

Run Wiring Harness on Backside of the grille

Run the wiring harness with zip ties along the backside of the grille. Then reinstall the grille support cover over the wiring harness with the six torx bolts.

Step 9. Install Grille Letters

Do not use a power drill for this step.

I repeat… DO NOT USE A POWER DRILL for this step.

Only use a screwdriver by hand to tighten down the plastic letters to the grille. If you use a power drill, you might destroy the front side of the letters which would require you to buy replacements.

Step 10. Measure & Cut Wiring Harness

Measure & Cut Wiring Harness

Depending on how detailed you want to get with your wiring, you might want to measure, and shorten your wiring harness so you don’t have an excess of wires running through your engine bay.

Step 11. Connect Terminals to Harness

Connect Terminals to Harness

For the ground, I cut it down and connected an 18awg waterproof terminal ring. For the power lead, I already had a Weatherpack connector connected via the Bronco’s provided up fitter switch.

You can read that wiring guide over here; how to wire raptor lights on the Bronco. That said, I just connected a new Weatherpack connected on this power lead and connected it to the same up fitter switch that was already powered.

Step 12. Connect New Grille Clips

Connect New Grille Clips

Now that your leads are cut down and ready to connect, connect your new grille in place with the provided clips in the factory slots.

Step 13. Connect Power & Ground Leads

Connect Power & Ground Leads

I connected my power lead to the pre-connected up fitter harness and ran the ground lead over to one of the terminals on the battery. I used a braided sleeve and Tesa tape to make sure the wiring harnesses looked nice and clean.

Final Thoughts & Shots

FORD Raptor Grille for 6th Gen Bronco - review and Install

FORD Raptor Grille for 6th Gen Bronco - review and Install

FORD Raptor Grille with Alpharex Bronco Raptor Headlights

FORD Raptor Grille with Alpharex Bronco Raptor Headlights

Again, if you’re going for the Bronco Raptor look, here it is. FT Customs is a new shop run by an industry-proven crew you can trust. FT Customs same team that owns/runs Runnin4Tacos which is a solid shop all the way around located in Colorado.

The quality and finish of the plastics on the grille, the “FORD” letters, the wiring harness, and just the packaging all the way around was spot on. Not a single complaint. This grille looks amazing.

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Moving Chicane
Moving Chicane
7 months ago

Is there any way to have the “raptor” lights come on/off with the DRL’s/headlights, or do you HAVE TO use the upfitter switch? Thanks.