Top 11 Front Bumpers For The 6th Gen Bronco – Buyer’s Guide

SVC Offroad High Clearance Baja Tube Front Bumper with Pod Lights on Velocity Blue 6th Gen Bronco With King Suspension

What are the Best Aftermarket Front Bumpers For The 6th Gen Bronco? Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

When it comes to the most noticeable modifications you can do to your 6th generation Bronco, few will be as noticeable and useful as an aftermarket front bumper. While there may not be anything wrong with the OEM front bumper, depending on your Bronco model, there are many potential benefits to replacing it with a heavier-duty option.

In terms of aesthetics, an upgraded bumper will improve the overall appearance through aggressive and high-clearance looks. For those of you building your Bronco to go off-road, an aftermarket bumper will not only increase the approach angle but also protect your front end when tackling challenging obstacles. In addition to clearance and protection, a front bumper will allow you to mount accessories such as a winch, light bars, upgraded fog lights, recovery points, hitch receivers, and more.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on a new bumper for your Bronco, including the best materials, styles, and accessory options. We will also cover the top offerings currently on the market for the 6th Gen.

Material Options

True North Fabrication Hybrid Off-Road Front Bumper With Bull Bar Installed on Black 6th Gen Bronco with Hidden Winch Mount and Auxiliary Lighting

Before deciding on the perfect bumper for your applications, it is essential to consider which material will suit your build the best. Off-road bumpers are generally offered in aluminum or steel or an aluminum-steel hybrid.

While some companies offer a 100% steel and/or aluminum design, others offer steel cores featuring a mild steel winch cradle with an aluminum outer shell. The steel is designed to support weight and take a heavy impact, and then the outer shell is aluminum to save on weight. These are popular with plate-style bumpers and are a great way to ensure strength while saving weight. The hybrid material bumper is not typically offered with tube-style designs. However, the aluminum-steel-hybrid bumper is very rare, and we haven’t seen many of those offered in the Bronco market yet.

Most of the market is running either aluminum or steel, and each option has its own benefits and/or disadvantages that could help sway you in either direction.


  • Lighter than steel
  • Does not rust
  • More expensive than steel

Many weekend warriors or pavement princesses will choose to go with an aluminum bumper for a few reasons. The most obvious is that aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and less prone to rusting. This means that if you don’t go off-road often or install a bumper for looks only, you can run a bumper without the extra weight.

However, aluminum bumpers have some downsides: they tend to be more expensive than steel and are more likely to crumble upon impact than steel. Guys who wheel hard often would never go with aluminum; they’re weak and inferior to steel.


  • Stronger than aluminum
  • Cheaper than aluminum

Steel is a better option for those who plan to push their Bronco to the limit and tackle technical off-road terrain types like large ledges and steep rock inclines. Since steel is structurally more sound than aluminum, it will hold up better after repeated impacts on the trail.

The main downside to steel is weight and corrosion. There is nothing we can do about the weight, but we can help to prevent corrosion. Mild steel does not have a high resistance to rust in a raw format. However, you can significantly improve the resistance with STEEL-IT paint and/or professional powder coating.

If you are concerned about rust and corrosion or live in a climate where steel is more prone to rust, skip the paint/primer and aim for high-quality powder coating from a reputable powder coat shop.

Front Bumper Types

True North Fabrications Bumper - 6th Gen Bronco

Another important factor to consider before getting too far into the purchasing process is your preferred style.

There are generally three main types: Baja, Hybrid, and Plate. Another aspect of bumper styles is whether or not the winch is exposed or tucked away.

Let’s dive into exactly what each of these styles entails and why you might prefer one over the others.

Remember that the core features section is not specific to every make and model and has been generalized to give you guys an idea of what to shop for.


SVC Baja Overland Tube Front Bumper For 6th Gen Ford Bronco With Baja Squadron Sport LED Light Pods

Core Features

  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Lights: Configurable light options
  • Winch: Not always offered
  • Design: Minimal
  • Support: Not the strongest
  • Recovery: Not always offered
  • Hoops: Not always offered

Baja-style front bumpers will primarily be constructed of metal tubing that is either welded or bent to fit the body of your Bronco. This contributes to the extremely lightweight nature of Baja bumpers since they are somewhat stripped down without any unnecessary metal stretches or unneeded plate designs. You often find Baja-style bumpers on pre-runner builds or go-fast guys in Southern California.

Baja bumpers are built as an outline of a “normal” bumper or factory body line which usually offers plenty of light mounting options for light bars and light pods.

One final notable feature of most Baja bumpers is that they accommodate high-clearance skid plates very well.

When shopping for this design, pay attention to winch mounts. Not all Baja bumpers have integrated winch cradles.


6th Gen Cyber Orange Metallic Bronco With CBI Offroad Fabrication Hybrid Overland Front Bumper - Externally Mounted Warn Winch and Baja Designs Squadron LED Light Pods

Core Features

  • Weight: Moderate weight
  • Lights: Configurable light options
  • Winch: Options usually offered
  • Design: Minimal
  • Support: More internal gussets/reinforcements
  • Recovery: External recovery points standard
  • Hoops: High, low, or full-height hoops with gussets

Very similar to Baja-style bumpers, you have Hybrid-style bumpers.

As you might have guessed based on the name, hybrid front bumpers are constructed of a combination of tubing and metal plates. This type of bumper aims to gain the benefits of a Baja bumper while using the plates to fill in some gaps, so your front end is not as exposed.

Most designs center around a steel winch cradle with internal gussets, reinforced frame plates, additional mounting points on the cross member, multiple recovery points, and optional hoops. Inspired by 80s rock crawlers, the “stinger” or bumper hoop is often offered in center high, center low, or full height with gussets.

The Hybrid bumpers aim to offer the best of both worlds. They’re lightweight, all while offering the core features of a traditional plate-style bumper.

Like the Baja-style layout, Hybrids are also generally lightweight and have room for customized off-road lighting, though not always as much as a Baja bumper – it really depends on the company and design. I’ve seen some hybrid bumpers with Baja design inspiration and vice versa. The lighting options are where a hybrid really shines, though. Almost all hybrid bumpers feature a flat plate under the top tube of the bumper that lets you hang whatever light you want; Baja, KC, Rigid, Diode, Etc. The lighting options are endless for someone who wants to get creative.

These bumpers will also often have winch mounting locations – both hidden or exposed. Some hybrids mount a winch behind the bumper, similar to the Toyota market, and some set the winch on top of the bumper, similar to the JK/JL market.


Rough Country Budget-Friendly Plate Front Bumper For 6th Gen Bronco With Integrated Light Bar and LED Light Pod Cut Outs

Core Features

  • Weight: Heavyweight
  • Lights: Pre-set light options
  • Winch: Options usually offered
  • Support: More internal gussets/reinforcements
  • Recovery: External recovery points standard
  • Hoops: High, low, or full-height hoops with gussets

Finally, we have plate bumpers. Plates will be the beefiest and heaviest option of all the styles offering maximum protection and minimal gaps in the bumper since it is constructed of metal platting. This type of bumper will give your front end a burly, more “protected” look and functionality.

Plate bumpers usually have an integrated winch location behind the front plate and built-in recovery points in addition to pre-set for light cutouts. This is great for someone who wants to hit a checkout page, buy a bumper, add a winch/lights, and be done. The benefit here is that you can order everything on one page and know all the parts will work; winch, lightbar, light pods, and maybe even the wiring harnesses.

Although the pre-set light cutouts can be helpful to some, they can be annoying to others. If you don’t run a specific brand of lights, but the bumper is designed and fabricated around those lights, you’re likely not going to run that bumper. This is where the hybrid bumper shine; you can run almost any brand of lights as long as they fit in the wing of the tube design.

Plate bumpers look amazing, but the additional weight and limited lighting options usually force people back to the hybrid options.

Exposed Winch

4 Wheel Parts (4WP) Factory Hybrid Overland Front Bumper On Rapid Red Metallic 6th Gen Bronco - Exposed Winch, Integrated Lighting, and Off-Road Shackles

If you’re from the Toyota community, odds are you are used to having your winch sleekly tucked behind your bumper. On the flip side, bumpers with an exposed winch are reminiscent of the Jeep JK/JL community.

Some Toyota owners may argue that hidden winches are better protected from the elements, and some Jeep owners might argue that exposed winches are easier to access when needed during a recovery. Regardless of which option you choose, pay attention to the mounting locations of your winch.

There is no significant difference between the two styles other than the look. This will generally come down to your personal preference.

I like the hidden winch option tucked away behind the winch, and as long as the winch cradle is designed to accommodate a reaching hand for access, you’re all good. I think an exposed winch can add to an already busy build with lots of parts or even block the BRONCO letters, which I like to focus on when taking photos. However, some bumpers only expose the winch control box and not the entire winch (pictured above). Some of these options, like CBI and others, offer a clean look while giving the end user convenient access to their winch cable and shackle.

Lighting Options

Rigid Industries High Performance LED Offroad Lights Mounted On Low-Profile Bull Bar on Addictive Desert Designs Front Bumper

What to Consider: 

  • Traditional light bars
  • Pod-style light bars
  • Tube-mounted light pods/bars
  • Fog light pods

For most of us, lighting is a secondary benefit to buying a front bumper. For others, additional lighting might be the main reason to upgrade your front end because of a particular light. There are many different ways to configure off-road lights on your bumper, and depending on your style will depend on which brand, style, and layout you choose.

Many off-roaders like the sleek and customized look of a traditional center-aligned lightbar cutout or fog light cutouts on the corners, and others might want massive pod-style lights like the KC Pro6 light bar. The KC HiLiTES Pro6, for example, makes a roof bar for the Bronco and a bumper bar. In addition to that, they make a handful of really cool options for factory bumpers. If KC is not your thing, pick from other top brands such as Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, Heretic, or maybe some of the cheaper brands like Diode Dynamics.

Each of these brands makes very specific lighting options for aftermarket bumpers and the factory bumper.

Before buying any aftermarket bumper, consider their lighting options and spec your build accordingly.

Top Front Bumpers For 6th-Gen Bronco

DV8 Hybrid Steel Front Bumper With Integrated Ironman 4x4 Off-Road Lights Mounted To Carbonized Grey 6th Gen Bronco

Now that we have covered the critical aspects of different bumper styles and features, let’s explore the top brands.

Although there are roughly 50-60+ different Bronco bumpers on the market already, the following brands below were chosen based on over 10 years of experience with many offroad brands and a first-hand understanding of which features make a bumper product superior over another.

For each option, we will cover the main features and potential benefits that could sway you to pull the trigger on a set for your Bronco.

1. True North Hybrid

True North Fabrications Bare Metal Hybrid Overland Front Bumper With Hidden Winch Mount Installed on 6th Gen Bronco on Kings Suspension Lift

Find It Online

True North released its hybrid-style front bumper with strength and weight in mind. Offering a significantly improved approach angle and high-quality fitment, this bumper will offer you better off-road performance and a sleek on-road appearance.

Constructed of various thicknesses of steel tubing and plating, the True North bumper is built to withstand repeated abuse on the trail. In terms of winch compatibility, this system was designed around the Warn Zeon 8000. Other similarly sized winches may also fit behind the front plate of this bumper.

Coming in at around only 95 lbs., this bumper will surely protect your truck without dragging it down. Pricing starts at around $1200 and goes up to $1665 if you opt for grille guards and a black powder finish.

2. CBI Baja Hybrid

CBI Offroad Fabrications Hybrid Front Bumper Mounted on 6th Gen Bronco With Warn Recovery Winch and Baja Designs Off-road Lighting

Find It Online

CBI has established itself as a key player in the off-road market. Their Baja Hybrid front bumper for the 6th Gen Bronco is built for adventure. It features a two-piece, steel build that requires no trimming for installation. Additionally, it has built-in recovery points in case you get stuck and is compatible with parking and cruise control sensors.

The Baja Hybrid bumper utilizes an exposed winch design and allows you to mount up to 6 light pods depending on their sizes. Similar to the True North hybrid bumper, the CBI weighs in at 95 lbs. and comes in bare metal and powder-coated black.

CBI priced this bumper at $1620, which goes up to $1820 if you prefer it comes powder coated.

3. 4WP Hybrid

Rapid Red Metallic 6th Gen Bronco With a 4WP Factory Front Bumper Featuring Warn Off-Road Winch, Auxiliary LED Lighting, and Shackle Recovery Points

Find It Online

If you are looking for a different hybrid-style front bumper for your 6th Gen Bronco, 4 Wheel Parts may be your golden ticket. Featuring a complete steel construction of both tubing and sheet metal, 4WP designed its bumper to offer maximum protection. It has a mid-height reinforced bull bar and an external winch mounting location.

Regarding auxiliary lighting compatibility, the 4WP hybrid bumper has two cutouts for 6″ single-row light bars on the corners of the bumper and mounting locations for LED pods towards the middle.

For $1200, you can purchase this system for your build, although it does not come with options for bare metal or different bull bar setups.

4. ARB Zenith

ARB Zenith Low-Profile Steel Front Bumper on Velocity Blue 6th Gen Bronco - Rated Recovery Points and Integrated Lighting

Find It Online

If the hybrid front bumper does not suit your tastes, the ARB Zenith plate front bumper may be suitable for your Bronco.

Constructed of steel plating and a primer that protects against corrosion, the Zenith is built to withstand harsh conditions. Weighing in at 133 lbs., it is certainly not the lightest option on the market. However, it does come with pre-assembled fog light housings and an integrated lightbar.

Additionally, with this setup, you get two chassis-mounted recovery points and twin jack points in the center pan to help with those tricky recoveries on the trail. The Zenith is not designed around a winch but accommodates adaptive cruise control and parking sensors. It costs $1695.

5. ARB Summit

ARB Summit Heavy-Duty Overland Front Bumper With Full Height Bull Bars, Hidden Winch Mount, and Fog Lights on 6th Gen Bronco

Find It Online

ARB’s winch-compatible bumper made for the 6th Gen Bronco, dubbed the Summit, was designed to work with winches up to 10,000 lbs. located behind the middle plate. Similar to the Zenith, it features a steel design with integrated recovery points and twin jack points. This is the heaviest option on this list at 172 lbs. However, its maximalist design will protect your Bronco’s entire front end.

The summit is finished with an undercoat and a black textured powder coat to protect the steel from harsh weather. In terms of lighting capabilities, it has a fog light and small lightbar cutouts. Moreover, the full-height bull bars allow for multiple configurations of bigger auxiliary lights. Cost-wise, the Summit comes in at $1,780.

6. Addictive Desert Designs Tube

Addictive Desert Designs Pre-Runner Style Baja Front Bumper For 6th Gen Bronco With Rigid Industries Light Bar and Parking Sensor Relocation Kit

Find It Online

ADD took a much more minimalistic approach when designing their bumper for the new Bronco. This bumper is very low-profile. It is made of steel tubing and aluminum plating, further cutting down the weight. In addition to the lightweight specs, it features a black powder-coated finish and requires a relocation kit for adaptive cruise control sensors.

This bumper can offer more than you might expect in terms of lighting capabilities. The center cutout in every bumper allows you to mount a 20″ lightbar or several low-profile light pods. For an extra $615, your bumper will come with a light hoop that can hold four large auxiliary light pods. Due to its bare-bones design, it is not made to carry a winch.

ADD sells this bumper for $2660 without lights or add-ons but can easily reach over $5000 after lighting and accessories. Although it is the most expensive option on this list, if you value a low-profile look, you may find it worth it. It is also worth noting that they sell compatible off-road lights as an option when purchasing your bumper.

7. JCR Crusader

JCR Crusader Heavy-Duty Front Bumper Installed on a Carbonized Gray 6th Gen Bronco - Baja Designs Pocket Kit and Single Row LED Light Bar

Find It Online

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bumper for your 6th Gen Bronco, you should check out JCR Offroad’s Crusader.

Made of CNC cut and formed steel and an easy bolt-on installation, this could be a great addition to your build. JCR designed this bumper to be streamlined, but still, it has cutouts for two LED cube lights and a 20″ light bar.

Additionally, this system features two shackle tabs and integrated Hi-Lift jacking locations. You can also opt for a bolt-on bull bar for improved protection. Although the Crusader is not winch compatible, it only costs around $1000 and improves your approach angles while protecting you on the trail. This could be a great option if you are a weekend warrior, wheel occasionally, and don’t need a winch.

8. SVC Baja

SVC Baja Front Bumper on Velocity Blue 6th Gen Bronco With Integrated High-Clearance Skid Plates and Auxiliary Light Pods on Bull Bar

Find It Online

If you are a fan of that Baja race truck aesthetic, you should definitely check out SVC’s new bumper for the Bronco.

This bumper is CNC bent with laser-cut plate work to offer a clean and streamlined appearance. It also has an integrated powder-coated skid plate to protect your truck’s underbody on the trail.

A lightbar can easily be mounted to this bumper in the center plate cutout, and you can add the upper loop to mount larger auxiliary light pods.

SVC also sells cruise control and parking sensor brackets. Starting at $1,615 and going up to $2,030 with the add-ons and accessories, this bumper is priced moderately in the market.

9. Westin

Westin Automotive Pro-Mod Low Profile Front Bumper on 6th Gen Bronco With an Integrated Dual Row LED Light Bar

Find It Online

Westin designed its Pro-Mod front bumper for the new Bronco to be lightweight without compromising strength or durability. Offering better approach angles for steep off-road features and a durable textured black finish, they took the necessary steps to ensure the Pro-Mod would hold up in harsh conditions.

Also, this low-profile aftermarket bumper is compatible with parking sensors. It contains mesh screen panels that allow air to flow into the intercooler so that the bumper does not impact the vehicle’s performance. Regarding compatibility with accessories, this bumper allows for two recovery shackles, a 30″ lightbar, and corner cutouts for LED pods.

Westin sells this system for $1,085.

10. Rough Country Full-Width Plate

Rough Country Full Width Plate Heavy Duty Front Bumper With LED Light Bar and LED Pods on 6th Gen Ford Bronco Overland Build With Oversized Tires

Find It Online

If you are looking for a new bumper for your Bronco and can’t justify spending over a thousand on one, consider Rough Country’s offering.

Featuring a modular plate design, this bumper is made of heavy-duty steel plating and is compatible with cruise control and parking sensors using a relocation kit. Additionally, it comes with a flat black powder coat and works with factory skid plates and tow rings.

The Rough Country bumper is compatible with a 20″ light bar and multiple locations for LED light cubes. It is also winch compatible with Rough Country’s hidden winch mounts, which are sold separately. At $600, this is the cheapest bumper on our list, and your kit will include various lighting packages for a few hundred more.

11. DV8 Baja

DV8 Hybrid Front Bumper With Dual Row LED Light Bar and Integrated Skid Plate Mounted on Carbonized Grey 6th Gen Ford Bronco Running Falken Wildpeaks

Find It Online

DV8’s Competition Series bumper features a lower profile and pre-runner appearance with integrated skid plates and improved approach angles.

Made of various thicknesses of steel tubing and plating, this bumper will undoubtedly offer better protection than the OEM one. To retain the functionality of the OEM parking and cruise control sensors, you must include relocation brackets in your purchase.

As for lighting, you can fit a dual row 20″ LED light bar and two 3″ LED light pods. It is not winch compatible due to its streamlined design. Starting at $1,299 and going up to $1,940 with all add-ons, this bumper is in the middle of the pack price-wise.

Final Thoughts

JCR Off-Road Lightweight Overland Front Bumper Installed on 6th Gen Ford Bronco Carbonized Grey With Baja Designs Ditch Lights and Rooftop Tent

Depending on your needs, wants, and budget, multiple bumpers could suit your build. Hopefully, this post has given you the information you need before deciding on the perfect setup for you. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which bumper is perfect for your Bronco.

However, I can offer you some clarity if your mind is foggy after all that information.

If you are looking for a low-profile bumper, Addictive Desert Designs, SVC, and DV8 would be my first choices.

Looking for a bumper on a budget? Rough Country, JCR, and Westin might be worth a glance.

Finally, if you want that attention-grabbing, heavy-duty front end, I would suggest True North, CBI, ARB, or 4WP.

Hopefully, that narrows things down for you. My last piece of advice would be to consider what features you will truly use and appreciate. Then you should consider its price and aesthetic next.

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Jeff Aleman
Jeff Aleman
4 months ago

Are any of the bumpers highlighted compatible with ACC and front cameras!

1 year ago

The Lifestyle Offroad bumper beats all of those for off-road and sensor compatibility.