Auxbeam Switch Install 6th Gen Bronco

Auxbeam Mounted In Engine Bay

A-Pillar Grab Handle Switch Panel Mount & Circuit Board Wiring

This is a pretty straightforward install using an 8-circuit Auxbeam switch panel. We mounted the main circuit board to the factory battery bracket and used a 2021-2024 Ford Bronco switch bracket from Switch Works Alpha12 Mounting Kit.

I was going to use the fender-mounted tray bracket from Switch Works to mount the Auxbeam circuit board but I decided that I didn’t want to permanently cover the factory fuse box.

We did end up using the switch panel bracket for the a-pillar grab handle though, which was the main reason for purchasing the kit. At the time of purchase, there were no other A-Pillar mounting brackets for an Auxbeam. So I had to get creative.

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Step 1. Cut Tabs off Auxbeam Bracket

Cut off the tabs at this line.

Step 2. Drill Hole in Bracket

Drill Hole in Bracket

Drill out a 1/2″ hole in one of the tabs. Use a Dremel with a carbide bit to bore more material out of the portion closest to the battery tray so that the battery tray bolt clears.

Step 3. Test Switch Panel

Test Switch Panel

Temporarily hook connect all leads and test ACC lighting and an accessory light to make sure the Auxbeam works.

Step 4. Mounting Circuit Board

Mounting Circuit Board

Mount the circuit board on the battery bracket using the 14mm bolt.

Step 5. Mount Circuit Breaker

Mount Circuit Breaker

Connect the circuit board to the circuit breaker using an L bracket. You can find these all over Amazon.

Step 6. Run Power to Circuit Breaker

Power to Circuit Breaker

Cut down the short power lead to connect circuit board to the breaker.

Step 7. Ground


Connect the circuit board ground lead to the battery terminal.

Step 8. Power


Connect the main power lead from the battery to the circuit breaker.

Step 9. Tapp ACC Power

Tapp ACC Power

I ran some braided sleeve loom around the ACC wire, tapped fuse #25, and then drilled a hole in the backside of the fuse box to connect the lead. To easily disconnect the tap, I added a spade connector.

Step 10. Notch Fuse Box Tab

For the tap to clear when positioned in #25, we had to notch a piece of plastic with a pair of dikes.

Step 11. Remove Grommet on Firewall

Remove Grommet on Firewall

Grab a set of pliers and remove this grommet hole in the firewall.

Step 12. Drill Hole in Grommet

Drill Hole in Grommet

Drill a 1/4″ hole in the grommet and then feed the switch wire through the grommet.

Step 13. Replace Grommet

Replace Grommet

Replacing the grommet into the firewall is easier from inside the cabin.

Step 14. Pull Dash Plastics

Pull Dash Plastics

Unclip the A-pillar plastics to feed the switch wire through.

Step 15. Mount Auxbeam Switch Panel

Mount Auxbeam Switch Panel

Mount the new bracket and connect the switchwire. Because the Switch Works bracket is designed for the Switch Works panel, the mounting holes are off so it requires you to bore out the holes to fit the Auxbeam bracket.

Step 16. Test All Lights

Test Lights

Test all your lights.

Final Thoughts

Final review

It would be nice if there were a better solution for mounting an Auxbeam circuit board somewhere in the engine bay without covering the factory fuse box. At the time of writing, there are no brackets designed for the Auxbeam circuit board so you have to get creative on where to mount it. Mounting the board on the side of the battery does keep all the cables centralized in the front of the engine bay which is nice for bumper-mounted LEDs and keeps the wire runs short.

The Switch Works bracket is solid, although you do need to drill out larger holes for the Auxbeam panel to be mounted. The ends of the Switch Works bracket do hang off about 1/4″ on both sides of the Auxbeam as well. Not a deal breaker but its something to consider when looking for a better, more application-specific panel bracket.

Someone needs to design an engine bay circuit board mount and the A-Pillar bracket for the Auxbeam 8-circuit panel.

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